Bières favorites: La BorDée Lorient Ale

Created On dimanche 25 décembre 2016 18:17 By John Arktor

La BorDée Lorient Ale (Belgian Ale)

Produit par : La BorDée (Bretagne)

Note : 5/5 [Approuvée]
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  • Tx Alcool
    5.5 %
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  • Arome / Spécialité
    Kari Gosse
Aroma: spicy smell similar to some spicy white beers, slightly acidic taste, granny smith, physalis, spice (Kari gosse); Appearance: cloudy golden, medium head ; Taste: low sweetness, low bitterness, medium sourness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, a bit astringent long finish with acidic evaporating flavours on the tip of the tongue. The kari gosse is a spice blend invented in Lorient more than a century ago. It gives this beer a warm and spicy long lasting aftertaste. Overall a very flavourful and enjoyable beer.

Dernière dégustation : 2016-12