IDNomImageProducteurStyleOrigineTx AlcoolNoteSaisie sur RatebeerStatutFavoriteScore RatebeerDateArome / SpécialitéCommentairesBièreScore BeerAdvocateSaisie sur BeerAdvocate
398Philomenn witbier Simcoe Claude Le HervéPhilomenn_witbier_Simcoe.jpgPhilomennWitbierBretagne5.002 Rejetée  2017-11 Aroma: cereals, flour, apricot, banana, hints of lemon ; Appearance: hazy orange-yellow, minimal white head (non persistent); Taste: medium low bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: a bit rough, low carbonation, medium to watery body, short bitter finish. A fail. Also: where is the Simcoe? 2;3;2.5;2 Beer made by some guy who won some prize... Well, it shows no talent at all.checked  
397St Ambroise CitrouilleSt_Ambroise_Citrouille.jpgMcAuslan Brewing (Brasseurs RJ)Pumpkin AleCanada5.003 Approuvée 712017-11 Mc Auslan brewing co. The great pumpkin ale. Aroma: cinnamon, pumpkin, banana, apricot, floral, biscuit, dough, maple syrup ; Appearance: orange/ruby red, minimal tan head ; Taste: light bitterness, high sweetness ; Palate: medium body, light carbonation. 2.8;3.5;3.8;2.8=>3checked  
396Piggy Brewing co. Double Fat IPAPiggy_Brewing_co._Double_Fat_IPA.jpgThe Piggy Brewing CompanyIPAFrance8.004 Approuvée  2017-10 Aroma: very fruity, peach, mango, a bit of tangerine, some yeasty spice ; Appearance: pale hazy orange, abundant foam ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, rough on tongue, mouthful of flavours, high carbonation, not very persistent. A good fruity one. Would need more body. 4;4;3.5;3.5=>3.8checked  
395La Dilettante New England IPA - N°9La_Dilettante_New_England_IPA_Num9.jpgLa DilettanteNEIPABretagne5.505 Approuvéechecked 2017-10 #9 Neipa Mosaic x El dorado x N.Sauvin Neipa Aroma: fantastic tropical fruity smell, yeasty, hop spices, Appearance: opaque hazy pale orange, minimal white head ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium sweetness, maybe umami, spicy sour-ish Palate: medium body, medium low carbonation, long yeast and spice persistence Delicious. 4.5;4.5;4.5;4.5=>5 Favchecked  
394North Brewing Co / Northern Monk / North Star Hit the North Coffee White IPANorth_Brewing_co._Hit_The_North_White_IPA.jpgNorth Brewing CoIPAAngleterre6.004 Approuvée  2017-10CaféWhite IPA with coffee Aroma: stone fruits, chili, coffee, fruity smell with hints of coffee smell ; Appearance: hazy (quite opaque) dark orange, white high head (non persistent) ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, a lasting chili sensation hits the palate and the tip of the tongue. 4;4;4;4.5=>4.5 A very unusual one. Quite a good one.checked  
393Sulauze Pan pan Cul CulSulauze_Pan_pan_Cul_Cul.jpgBrasserie de SulauzeIPAFrance7.003 Rejetée 592017-10 Aroma: cereals, endive, aromatic herbs, lemon interior peel ; Appearance: amber golden, white head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium thin body, medium carbonation, moderately long finish on the bitter side. 2.5;3;2.5;2.5=>2.5 Unbalanced (too sweet, too high ABV imo...) and untasty, quite unoriginal. Drinkable, but not worth the price at all. checked  
392La Bête Bière BlancheLa_B__te.jpgLa BêteWitbierFrance8.002 Rejetée  2017-08 Blanche Aroma: wheat, orange peel, coriander ; Appearance: very nice hazy yellow, minimal white head ; Taste: very low bitterness, medium sweetness, light sourness (lemony) Palate: medium carbonation, medium low body, moderately long finish. Absolutey no surprise. Classic and unimaginative. 2.5;4;2.5;3=>2.8checked  
391La Super MammLa_Super_Mamm.pngBrasserie de RhuysAbbey TripelBretagne7.501 Rejetée  2017-09 Brasserie de Rhuys Aroma: orange, honey, licorice, girofle ; Appearance: hazy copper, minimal white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sourness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, low persistence. Bland. Maybe infected. 2;3;2.5;3=>1checked  
390Moor Guardian of PeaceMoor_Guardian_of_Peace.jpgMoorIPAAngleterre7.004 Approuvée 932017-09 Aroma: pine needles, resin, grapefruit peel, citrus, biscuit, very nice smell ; Appearance: hazy copper, minimal white head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, nice warmth, creamy feel, long finish (a bit dry). 4;4;4;4=>4checked  
389La Lutine Bière aux noixLa_Lutine_Bi__re_aux_noix.jpgLa LutineSpice/Herb/VegetableFrance5.002 Rejetée  2017-09 Aroma: strong smell of hazelnut, strong flavour of hazelnut, orange, lemon, bread, yeast ; Appearance: hazy gold, minimal white head ; Taste: low bitterness, medium sweetness, medium sourness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, almost abrupt finish. 2;3;2;2.5=>2.2checked  
388La Nébuleuse Italian Pizza AleLa_Nbuleuse_Italian_Pizza_Ale.jpgLa NébuleuseSpice/Herb/VegetableSuisse5.304 Approuvée  2017-09 Aroma: hints of tomato, hints of basil, wheat ; Appearance: rose orange, hazy, minimal white head ; Taste: light bitterness, medium sweetness, medium low acidity ; Palate: medium body, slightly astringeant, low carbonation. Nice and strange :-) 3;4.5;3.5;4=>4checked  
387Cloudwater NW DIPA Ekuanot v2Cloudwater_NW_DIPA_Ekuanot.jpgCloudwaterImperial IPAAngleterre9.005 Approuvée 1002017-09 Aroma: very spicy, stone fruit, hints of citrus peel, very persistent and strong spicy and lemony smell ; Appearance: very hazy pale orange, minimal white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: thick, full body, low carbonation, rapeux. 5 full. Favchecked  
386La Nébuleuse Hold HopLa_N__buleuse_Hold_Hop.jpgLa NébuleuseImperial IPASuisse8.005checkedApprouvéechecked 2017-09 Aroma: fruity, juicy, hint of grapefruit peel, hint of pineapple, stone fruits, spicy ; Appearance: pale yellow, hazy, high white head ; Taste: high bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: full body, creamy, low carbonation, lasting bitter finish, nice warmth (medium low) 4;5;4.5;4.5=>4.5checked  
385Meantime India Pale AleMeantime_India_Pale_Ale.jpgMeantime (Asahi)IPAAngleterre7.403 Rejetée 862017-09 Aroma: stone fruit, citrus peel, resin, bread ; Appearance: clear pale copper, medium white head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, medium carbonation, nice creamy feel, medium long finish. Average but nice. 3;3;3.5;3.5=>3checked  
384Rogue Nation Brutal India Pale AleRogue_Nation_IPA.jpgRogue AlesIPAUSA6.304 Approuvée 952017-09 Aroma: pine, resin, orange, orange peel ; Appearance: clear reddish copper, minimal white head ; Taste: High bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, nice warmth, low carbonation, medium long finish. A kinda generic IPA, but good. 3;3;4;3.5=>4checked  
383Spencer India Pale AleSpencer_IPA.jpgSpencerIPAUSA7.204 Approuvée 852017-08 Aroma: fruity, resinous, peach, apricoy, melon or watermelon, Appearance: pale, hazy, gold ; Taste: high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, long finish. Focus is clearly on the resin. 3;4;4;4=>3.8checked  
382Belhaven Scottish Oat StoutBelhaven_Scottish_Oats_Stout.jpgBelhaven (Greene King)Sweet StoutEcosse7.005 Approuvée 872017-08 Aroma: dark chocolate, roasted coffee, licorice, hints of vanilla, hints of smoke, brandy, berries, hints of banana ; Appearance: dark, minimal head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, moderate warmth, moderately long finish. Very good stout, good flavours and strong body. 5;x;4;4=>4.5checked  
381McGargles Knock Knock Ned's India Pale AleMcGargles_Knock_Knock_Ned_s_India_Pale_Ale.jpgRye River Brewing CompanyIPAIrlande6.503 Rejetée 302017-08 Aroma: grapefruit, smoked, banana, dark bread, wood, resin, honey and pee smell ; Appearance: hazy to murky brown, minimal white head ; Taste: very bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, long lasting, dry finish. Not that convinced. But quite drinkable. 3;4;3;3.5=>3checked  
380RZN City Ales Moisson Astr'AleRZN_Moisson_AstrAle.jpgRZN City AlesAmerican Pale AleBretagne4.203checkedApprouvée  2017-08 Aroma: orange, grass, bread, light licorice, coriander, a bit of chocolate ; Appearance: hazy dark orange, minimal white head ; Taste: light bitterness, medium sweetness, a bit of acidity ; Palate: medium carbonation, medium body, medium short finish. Kinda good. And the price tag is OK. Close to the RZN Vieux Canal. 3;3;3;3 =>3checked  
379Ellezelloise Hercule StoutHercule_Stout.jpgEllezelloise (Brasserie des Légendes)Imperial StoutBelgique9.00  Approuvée 982017-08 Aroma: non bitter citrus (pomelo, orange, lemon), apricot, light coffee Appearance: very dark red, tan head (minimal, non persistent), bonus for the bottle design ; Taste: low bitterness, medium sweetness, low acidity ; Palate: smooth, medium to full body, low carbonation, short finish. This beer looks and tastes like a barley wine. So it must be one. 4;5;4.5;4.5=>4.5checked  
378Alesmith speedway stoutAlesmith_speedway_stout.pngAlesmithImperial StoutUSA12.004 Rejetée 1002017-08 12€ Aroma: coffee, roasted dark chocolate, vanillla, licorice, barrel, chocolate cake ; Appearance: thick black, minimal dark tan head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: near full body, thick feel, medium carbonation, long lasting. 4.5;5;4;4=>4.5 Wayyy too expensive. Very good, yes, but so overpriced.checked  
377Vocation Yakima PilsnerVocation_Yakima_Pilsner.jpgVocation BreweryIndia Style LagerAngleterre5.504 Approuvée 522017-07 Aroma: citrus, melon, dead pony like - but warered down Appearance: slightly hazy copper, minimal white head ; Taste: minimal bitterness, low medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, low persistence. A good pilsner, finally ! 3.8;4;3;3.5=>4checked  
376Sulauze barley wineSulauze_barley_wine.jpgBrasserie de SulauzeBarley WineFrance10.505 Approuvéechecked 2017-07 Aroma: fire wood, chocolate, a tiny bit of smoke, herbs, spices, apple, brandy/porto ; Appearance: dark brown ; Taste: low bitterness, medium+ sweetness ; Palate: full-esque body, medium carbonation, warm like a welcoming hearth and that lasts long near the heart. Very good one. A nap near a fireplace on a cold rainy autumn afternoon is what is closest to this beer. 4.5;4;4;4=>5 favchecked  
375Popihn Double IPAPopihn_Dipa.jpgPopihnImperial IPAFrance7.804 A Retester  2017-07 Aroma: grapefruit, resin, peach peel, tropical, aromas a bit too light, very good smell ; Appearance: pale gold, minimal white head ; Taste: medium+ bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, medium warmth, medium low carbonation, longing bitterness. Not balanced enough. Should be much higher on flavours, considering alcohol and bitterness levels. 3.8;4;3.5;3.8=>4checked  
374Tiny rebel Captain InsanoTiny_Rebel_Captain_Insano.jpgTiny rebelImperial IPAPays de Galles10.004 Approuvée 932017-07 Aroma: fantastic nose, hoppy resin, caramel, cake, very spicy on the verge of tongue numbing, endive, sorta peachy, dead pony club watermelon flavours, pickled ginger peppery ; Appearance: can ; Taste: very high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, medium low carbonation, a bit astringeant, long lasting grapefruit outerskin bitterness, big alcoholic warmth. (Hop) head crusher. The 10% ABV let themselves be felt :-). I am hungry now. 4;-;3.8;4=>3.8checked  
373Cloudwater Autumn Winter 2016 Mittelfrüh HellesCloudwater_Autumn_Winter_2016_Mittelfr__h_Helles.jpgCloudwaterDortmunder/HellesAngleterre5.20  Rejetée 47  Aroma: pilsener malt sweetness, apricot jam, floral, tree bark, berries ; Appearance: can ; Taste: very sweet, almost no bitterness, a bit sour ; Palate: medium body, medium + carbonation, a bit astringeant. A good thirst quenching beer. 2.5;-;2.5;2.5=>2.5checked  
372Brew By Numbers 05/21Brew_By_Numbers_05_21_India_Pale_Ale_-_Azacca_NZ_Cascade.jpgBrew By NumbersIPAAngleterre6.204 Approuvée 952017-07 Brew By Numbers 05/21 India Pale Ale - Azacca NZ Cascade Aroma: very fruity, dank, peach, lime, Appearance: slightly pale yellow gold, slightly hazy, no head ; Taste: light bitterness, medium light sweetness ; Palate: medium body with light watery feel, slight oily feel, moderately long finish. Very juicy, light alcoholic feeling. 4.5;4.5;4;4=>4.5checked  
371Brassé près de chez vous HermillicaBrass___pr__s_de_chez_vous_Hermillica.jpgBrassé près de chez vousA DéfinirBretagne6.003 Approuvée  2017-07 Aroma: orange stew, wheat flour, a bit spicy; Appearance: hazy amber, minimal white head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: slight alcoholic warmth, medium body, medium carbonation, slick feel,long lasting bitterness. 2.8;3.5;3;3=>3checked  
370Brassé près de chez vous IPA AmbréeBrass___pr__s_de_chez_vous_IPA_Ambr__e.jpgBrassé près de chez vousIPABretagne6.003 Approuvée  2017-07 Aroma: orange, pine, wheat flour, a bit spicy; Appearance: hazy amber, minimal white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, slick feel, moderately lasting. English style "ipa" with a bit of sweetness. 2.8;3.5;3;3=>3checked  
369Brassé près de chez vous hell's beerBrass___pr__s_de_chez_vous_hell_s_beer.jpgBrassé près de chez vousA DéfinirBretagne8.003 Approuvée  2017-07 Aroma: orange stew, pine resin, grapefruit, cake dough ; Appearance: hazy medium orange copper, big white head (persistent) ; Taste: high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, good alcoholic warmth, slick feel, longlasting bitterness. 3;3.5;4;4=>3.5checked  
368Brassé près de chez vous IPA BlondeBrass___pr__s_de_chez_vous_IPA_Blonde.jpgBrassé près de chez vousIPABretagne 3 Approuvée  6 Aroma: orange, pine resin, dark malty biscuit ; Appearance: hazy medium dark copper, big white head (persistent) ; Taste: high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, slick feel, long - top of the mouth - lasting bitterness. 2.8;3.5;4;4=>3.5checked  
367Brewdog TokyoBrewdog_Tokyo.jpgBrewdogImperial StoutEcosse16.505 Approuvéechecked982017-09EisbockAroma: vanilla, licorice, brandy, flowers, cranberry, lemon, orange stew, light coffee ; Appearance: black, medium tan head ; Taste: low bitterness, medium sweetness, light sourness ; Palate: fullest body, low carbonation but kinda fizzy, medium alcoholic warmth. Eisbock. 16.5%. Cranberry, vanilla and jasmine added. Closer to a barley wine than a stout. 4;5;4;4.8==>4.5 Very good but a bit overpriced.checked  
366Brewski Coffee snout juiceBrewski_Coffee_snout_juice.jpgBrewskiImperial StoutSuède11.505 Approuvéechecked972017-07CaféAroma: coffee, vanilla underground flavour, licorice, peach ; Appearance: black, minimal tan head ; Taste: lightly acidic, low coffee bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: amazing mouth coating, tongue engulfing feeling, somewhat astringeant, creamy texture, medium carbonation, long complex finish. Hard to put words on this. 4.5;5;5;5=>5 favchecked  
365Cloudwater IIPA CentennialCloudwater_IIPA_Centenial.jpgCloudwaterImperial IPAAngleterre9.005 Approuvée 992017-07 Aroma: tropical fruits (mango, pineapple...), juicy, watermelon, orange stew, grapefruit, lemon, biscuit, spicy hops ; Appearance: pale deep yellow, hazy, minimal white head ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, low to medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, creamy, medium long lasting grapefruit peel bitterness, very nice alcoolic warmth. 4;5;4;4.5=>4.5checked  
364Cloudwater Pale Ale EkuanotCloudwater_Pale_Ale_Ekuanot.jpgCloudwaterSession IPAAngleterre3.503 Rejetée    Aroma: interesting smell, peach, dank, orange stew, spice ; Appearance: pale golden, hazy, minimal head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low to medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, moderately lasting taste. Not worth the 7.5€ per pint. Not even close. 2.8;3.5;3;2.8=>2.8checked  
363Beerbliotek Spoiler AlertBeerbliotek_Spoiler_Alert.jpgBeerbliotekAmerican Pale AleSuède4.503 Approuvée 852017-07 Aroma: bread, biscuit, hoppy pine flavors, resin ; Appearance: pale golden, hazy, minimal white head (non persistent) ; Taste: medium+ bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, moderately long finish. 3.5;3;3;3=>3.5checked  
362BrewDog ZeitgeistBrewdog_Zeitgeist.jpgBrewDogSchwarzbierEcosse4.903 Rejetée 732017-06 Aroma: coffee, cigarettes, caramel, vanilla ; Appearance: dark - almost black, abundant tan foam ; Taste: medium high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: dry, long bitter finish. Not bad. Not very great though. 3;4;3.5;2.8=>3checked  
361Ikki yuzuIkki_yuzu.jpgBierbrouwerij BredaSpice/Herb/VegetablePays Bas4.503 Approuvée 152017-06 Aroma: pils-like floral notes, a bit of yuzu notes, bread ; Appearance: hazy pale orange-yellow, white non persistent minimal head Taste: low bitterness, medium sweetness, some sourness Palate: fizzy feeling on the tongue, medium to thin body, somewhat astringeant. Good but not awesome. 2.8;3.5;2.8;3=>2.8checked  
360Westvleteren 12 (XII)Westvleteren_12.jpgWestvleteren Abdij St. SixtusAbt/QuadrupelBelgique 5 Approuvée 1002017-06 Aroma: fruits, aromatic herbs, apricot yeast, multiple spices, a tad of pumpkin, bread ; Appearance: very dark ruby (almost brown), not very hazy, rocky off-white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium high sweetness ; Palate: nice warmth that comes right at the very 1st sip, fizzy by just the right amount, nicely gentle like a soft carress on the palate, not very long finish. Overall: not at all overrated. Not by one bit. Very deep, complex and difficult to describe. In a good way. Perfect 5 / favchecked  
359Pylônepylone-brasserie-emeraude.jpgBrasserie d’ÉmeraudeA DéfinirBretagne6.003 Approuvée  2017-06 Brasserie d'émeraude Dinard - La richardais ABV: 5.5% Aroma: bread, crêpes, floral, orange, lemon, apricot, banana ; Appearance: murky brown, rocky white head ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average low carbonation, moderate finish. A pretty decent beer. 3.5;4;3.5; 3.5=> 3.5checked  
358Abers Mutine Blanchemutine-blanche.jpgBrasserie des AbersWitbierBretagne5.001 Rejetée  2017-06 Aroma: coriander, orange, wheat, banana ; Appearance: hazy white yellow, white rocky head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: thin, average+ carbonation. Quite bad. 2;3.5;2;1.5 =>1.5checked  
357Abers Mutine Ambréemutine-ambree.jpgBrasserie des AbersAmber AleBretagne5.002 Rejetée 242017-06 5% Aroma: floral, herbal, grass, apricot/banana, white bread ; Appearance: clear copper, average white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to thin body, average carbonation, not long lasting. A fairly drinkable though average beer. 2.8;2.5;2,2.5=>2 checked  
356Brewdog Rye HammerBrewdog_Rye_Hammer.jpgBrewdog Ecosse7.205 Approuvéechecked882017-06 Aroma: apricot, pineapple, distinct white grapefruit, a bit of pear, rye bread, grapefruit peel ; Appearance: - can - Taste: high bitterness, low sweetness; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, alcoholic warmth is present, rough feel, long white grapefruit aftertaste. Damn this beer is good. IMO even better than Jack Hammer! This one is a tough one, not for just anyone to drink and enjoy. 4.5;?;5;5=>5 Favchecked  
355Télèsteles-brasserie-emeraude.jpgBrasserie d’ÉmeraudeA DéfinirBretagne5.504 Approuvée  2017-06 Brasserie d'émeraude Dinard - La richardais ABV: 5.5% Aroma: bread, crêpes, floral, a bit of pine bark and orange peel, orange, apricot ; Appearance: murky brown-orange, big rocky white head ; Taste: high bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, medium high carbonation, slick feel, long lasting bitter aftertaste. A good britanny style ale. Contrary to other bait-beers, this one doesn't pretend to be an IPA, but it could almost be considered one. 3.8;4;3.5; 3.5=> 3.8 checked  
354Brewdog Pump Action PoetBrewdog_Pump_Action_Poet.jpgBrewdogIPAEcosse7.504 Approuvée 882017-06 Aroma: fantastic 1st nose of piney tropical hops, melon, peach and spices, pepper, yeasty spices, brioche, grapes in the background, somewhat like a sweet wine (coteaux du layon...) ; Appearance: clear copper, white head, not persistent; Taste: moderately bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium+ body, piney oily, moderate carbonation, latent background warmth, a bit astringeant, short finish. One of Brewdog greatest beers. 4;3.5;3.5;3.8=>4 checked  
353Ferox IPAFerox_IPA.jpgOuche NanonIPAFrance 5 Approuvéechecked 2017-06 Aroma: strawberry bubblegum, grape peel, grapefruit, lemon, a bit of licorice, brioche, Appearance: pale hazy copperyellow-orange, abundant white foam (moderately persistent) ; Taste: medium high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: full body, medium high carbonation, creamy, long lasting bitterness. A very good beer, and organic. 4;4.8;4.5;4.5=>5 Fav checked  
352Brewdog Semi skimmed OccultistBrewDog_Semi_-_Skimmed_Occultist.jpgBrewdogSweet StoutEcosse8.005 Approuvéechecked952017-06 Aroma: coffee, chocolate, cognac, licorice, spicy, biscuit ; Appearance: black, tan rocky head, non persistent ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium high sweetness, light sourness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, a bit astringeant. Very good beer. 5;5;4.5;4=>4.8 V checked  
348Brewski Mango Hallon FeberBrewski_Mango_Hallon_Feber.jpgBrewskiAmerican Pale AleSuède5.503 Approuvée 922017-08Framboise, mangueBrewski Mango Hallon Feber Aroma: mango, raspberry (slight), peach, biscuit, grapefruit (slight), yeast ; Appearance: clear pale gold, minimal white non lasting head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, short finish. 4,4,3,3=>3.5checked86 
347Dilettante N°4 IPA RakauDilettante_4_IPA_Rakau.pngLa DilettanteIPABretagne6.004 Approuvée  2017-08 Aroma: honey, spicy, old rum or brandy, a hint of grapefruit, some resin, rye bread, a spicy DIPA-esque flavour tend to appear around the middle of the drinking ; Appearance: slightly hazy golden, white minimal foam (not persistent) ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, low carbonation, nice warmth in throat, short finish. This is a disturbing beer. I wasn't at all expecting this. 4;3;3.5;3.5=>3.5checked  
346La Débauche Black Ale India StoutLa_D__bauche_Black_Ale_India_Stout.jpgLa DébaucheStoutFrance8.004 Approuvée 972017-05 Aroma: roast, coffee, dark bread, strong grapefruit peel, some resin ; Appearance: dark brown (almost black), tan abundant foam ; Taste: medium low bitterness, low sweetness, some sourness Palate: full mouthfeel but with a very dry finish, strong carbonation, kind of astringeant Kind of a gusher. Unusual flavours in a stout. I like it. It seems like a marriage of a stout and a black IPA. 4.5;4.5;3.5;3=>3.8checked  
345Coreff IPACoreff_IPA.jpgCoreffIPABretagne5.603 Approuvée  2017-05 Aroma: biscuit, floral, apricot ; Appearance: clear golden ; Taste: slightly bitter, low sweetness, a bit acidic ; Palate: medium low body, slick feel, low persistence. Overall a very drinkable beer. 3;3;3;3=>3checked  
344Bourbon dodoBourbon_Dodo.jpgBrasserie de Bourbon (Heineken)Pale LagerFrance - DOM/TOM5.001 Rejetée 42017-06 Aroma: floral pils-like ; Appearance: clear golden pils-like pale yellow, rocky head (white, persistent) ; Taste: medium high sweetness, low bitterness ; Palate: round medium body, low carbonation. 1.5;1;2;2.5=>2-checked  
343Brew By Numbers 11/25 Session IPA - Citra & HBC 431Brew_By_Numbers_11-25.jpgBrew By NumbersSession IPAAngleterre4.203 Approuvée 932017-06 Brew By Numbers 11/25 Session IPA - Citra & HBC 431 Aroma: tropical smell (very volatile), fruity tropical flavour Appearance: hazy orange (thick opaque), almost no head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness, a bit of sourness ; Palate: thick feel, very dry, low carbonation. Good but not awesome. 2.8;4;3;3=>3checked  
342To Øl ReparationsbajerTo___l_Reparationsbajer.jpgTo ØlAmerican Pale AleDanemark5.802 Rejetée 942017-06 Gluten free Aroma: apricot, a bit metallic, grapefruit bitterness, biscuit, a bit of orange; Appearance: opaque brown orange, white semi-persistent medium-sized head ; Taste: medium+ bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, a bit thin, very low carbonation, long bitter finish. Not bad. 2.5;3;2.5;2.5=>2.5checked  
341To Øl IIPA CCCTo___l_CCC.pngTo ØlImperial IPADanemark9.003 Approuvée 862017-05 To Øl Shock Series: !!PA Citra, Centennial, Cascade !!CCC Aroma: courgette, fenouil, resin, licorice, some vanilla, orange peel, spices ; Appearance: brown orange, hazy, no foam ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium thin body, a bit oily, no carbonation, long lingering bitterness on the top of the palate. Very average but good. 3;3;3;3=>3checked  
340Saint Michel BlackSaint_Michel_Black.jpgLa Brasserie de la Baie du Mont St MichelMilk StoutFrance7.503 Approuvée  2017-05 Aroma: blackcurrent, red berries ; Appearance: black ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium acidity, medium high sweetness ; Palate: full body, creamy, no persistence. Overall a very "gourmande" beer. 3.5;4.5;4;4=>3.5checked  
339To Øl Shock Series: !PA Citra & Mosaic !PCMTo___l_IPA_Citra_Mosaic_PCM.jpgTo ØlIPADanemark7.004 Approuvée 942017-05 Aroma: grape, lemon, passion fruit ; Appearance: pale clear gold, minimal head (white, non persistent) ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, a bit creamy. A very aromatic beer. Very good. 4;3;3.5;3.8=>4checked  
338Beerbliotek Mocha Latte StoutBeerbliotek_Mocha_Latte_Stout.jpgBeerbliotekImperial StoutSuède8.003 Approuvée 952017-06 Aroma: coffee ; Appearance: black, miniman head (tan) ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: low carbonation, a bit watery, moderately long finish. Kinda OK. 3;5;2.5;2=>3checked  
337Beerbliotek A Moment Of ClarityBeerbliotek_A_Moment_Of_Clarity.jpgBeerbliotekSession IPASuède4.705 Approuvée 972017-06 Gbg beer week 2017 Aroma: hoppy smell, dank, peachy, juicy, grapefruit ; Appearance: clystal clear pale gold, abundant white non persistent head ; Taste: very bitter, low sweetness ; Palate: very dry, lasting bitterness, low carbonation. Very good session ale. 4;4.5;4;4=>4.5checked  
336Thiriez Etoile du NordThiriez_Etoile_du_Nord.jpgThiriezSaisonFrance5.503 Rejetée 732017-06 Aroma: floral, orange stew, apricot, bread dough ; Appearance: pale clear golden, white non persistent head ; Taste: very bitter, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, somewhat dry, low carbonation, long bitter finish. 2.7;2;3.5;3=>2.8checked  
335Rhinegeist TruthRhinegeist_Truth.jpgRhinegeistIPAUSA7.203 Approuvée 932017-06 USA Cincinatti Aroma: orange, maybe yuzu, swedish bread, conifer resin, some hint of thyme maybe, seaweed or something that reminds of sea, licorice, grapefruit peel in aftertaste, a little bit of smoke (smoked fish?) and a little je ne sais quoi ; Appearance: moderately hazy copper orange, rocky white persistent head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body bordering on dry, low carbonation, moderately long finish, dipa-oily. Overall: kinda good but not easy. It evokes image of coastal pine forests on shores with windy seas below. 3.6;3.5;3;3=>3checked  
334Kelsen Battle Axe IPAKelsen_Battle_Axe_IPA.jpgKelsenIPAUSA7.204 Approuvée 762017-06 Aroma: peach and orange stew, resin, rock candy, orange peel ; Appearance: moderately hazy pale orange, medium-sized white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, DIPA oily/creamy, low carbonation, moderayely short finish, very nice retro-olfaction. Kinda good. Forest-like. 3.5;3.5;3;3.5=>4checked  
333BrewDog Hop fictionBrewdog_Hop_Fiction.jpgBrewDogAmerican Pale AleEcosse5.205 Approuvée 892017-06 Everything: similar to dead pony club but with more punch to it. Also melon. 4;4;4;4=>4.3checked  
332Le Trou du Diable Dubaï PilléeDubai_Pill__e.jpgLe Trou du DiableImperial IPACanada9.005 Approuvéechecked922017-05 Aroma: apricot, mango, passion, bread/biscuit, a bit dank. Appearance: lightly troubled copper before yeast drop), medium sized white head, average persistence ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: low carbonation, full body, average mouth persistence, warmth in second mouth, kinda creamy. Very nice sweet (not in sugary sense) beer. Gives me kind of a regressive pleasure :-) Even better (juicier somehow) after yeast drop. Name and illustration is so great and wtf 3.8;3;4;4.5=>4.5 fav checked  
331Beavertown Bloody ’EllBeavertown_Bloody_Ell.jpgBeavertownIPAAngleterre7.203 Rejetée 952017-05 Aroma: grapefruit and blood orange peel ; Appearance: lightly hazy, pale orange, minimal white head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, low medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, long bitter finish 2.5;3;3;3;2.8checked  
330BGP Le grand pari - exp 431 CascadeLes_Brasseurs_du_Grand_Paris_Le_Grand_Pari.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisIPAFrance6.505 Approuvéechecked 2017-05 Aroma: passion fruit, grapefruit, floral notes, pine resin, a bit dank ; Appearance: golden, almost clear, minimal white head ; Taste: high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: creamy, low carbonation, medium+ body, persistent on the palate, bitterness comes on second mouth. Overall a very good fruity beer. A bit high on the bitterness side, but quite balanced. 4;4;3.8;4.5=>4.5 Favchecked  
329Naparbier Avant Garde 2016Naparbier_Avant_Garde_2016.jpgNaparbierBarley WineEspagne12.005 Approuvéechecked982017-05 Aroma: rum, cognac, rock candy, hints of dark chocolate, floral, porto, oak barrel Appearance: dark brown, almost no head Taste: low bitterness, sweet Palate: full body with an almost creamy backbone This beer is just fantastic! So much depth and complexity, such a delelopped palate and nose! Just wow. Full 5. Fav. V approved.checked  
328Magic Rock Common groundsMagic_Rock_Common_grounds.jpgMagic RockPorterAngleterre5.403 Approuvée 962017-05 Aroma: coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate ; Appearance: black and flat as a cup of coffee ; Taste: light bitterness, medium light sweetness ; Palate: watery, flat, medium lasting coffee flavour. V approved. Very coffee like but without the awful coffee bitterness. A beer can be watery and still good as long as it respects itself. This one does. One of the few dry porters I like. 3;5;3.5;3;3.5checked  
327BGP Waimea BayLes_Brasseurs_du_Grand_Paris_Waimea_Bay.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisAmerican Pale AleFrance4.703 Approuvée  2017-05 Aroma: oatmeal, pineapple, resin ; Appearance: hazy copper, white persistent foamy head ; Taste: foam is bitter, medium soft bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: very smooth feel, low carbonation, medium long finish. Very smooth and round for a low abv beer. Very drinkable, kinda milky in feel. A bit too bitter for the flavour balance. 2.5;3;2.5;4.5=>3.5checked  
326Doueez TripleDoueez_Triple.jpgSambrassedelabiereAbbey TripelBretagne7.503 Approuvée  2017-05 Aroma: orange stew, apricot, spicy yeast (belgian like), biscuit ; Appearance: clear amber, minimal white non persistent head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, warm after-sensation with lingering spicy flavour. A good tripel, somewhat lighter than expected. 3.5;3;3;3=>3.5checked  
325Abers Mutine BlondeAbers_Mutine_Blonde.pngBrasserie des AbersBelgian AleBretagne5.001 Rejetée 262017-05 Aroma: pils-like, but bad ; Appearance: pils-like ; Taste: pils-like, in a bad sense; Palate: pils-like, in a bad way. This beer brings shame to all briton beer production. 1;2.5;2;1=>1checked  
324Abers DolmenAbers_Dolmen.jpgBrasserie des AbersUnknownBretagne7.002 Rejetée  2017-05 Aroma: very pils-like smell, pils-ish flavour with a hint of smoke and roast, bitter orange peel, floral, definately some noble hops in it, banana, apricot, some bread dough ; Appearance: very dark reddish brown, thin line of white foam (not persistent) ; Taste: low bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: watery body, almost no carbonation, kinda sticky on the tongue but not for long. Floral bitterness in the end taste. 2;3;2;2;2=>2checked  
323Abers Fleur des Îles Bière RousseBrasserie_des_Abers_rousse_fleur_des___les.jpgBrasserie des AbersSpice/Herb/VegetableBretagne5.002 Rejetée 312017-04HibiscusAroma: floral, grassy, banana, apricot, rock candy, bread ; Appearance: reddish brown, lightly hazy, minimal head ; Taste: medium sweetness, low bitterness, some sourness ; Palate: watery, medium low carbonation, no persistence. 2.5;3;2.5;2=>2.2checked  
321Beavertown Black BettyBeavertown_Black_Betty.jpgBeavertownBlack IPAAngleterre7.403checkedRejetée 992017-05 Aroma: nice hoppy grapefruit/pine cone smell, combined with blackcurrent smell and flavour, blackcurrent cake, some apricot ; Appearance: reddish black, opaque, big tan head (moderately persisting) ; Taste: a bit acidic, low to medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: creamy, moderately low carbonation, low alcoholic feel, medium full body, moderately persisting background bitterness. Kinda good, but not my prefered style.checked  
320Thornbridge PujaThornbridge_Puja.jpgThornbridgeIPAAngleterre6.703checkedApprouvée 802017-05JasminAroma: Pine, grapefruit, can't find the jasmine ; Appearance: gold, clear, minimal moderately lasting white head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, very low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, low carbonation, slick feel, lasting bitter finish. An average IPA. Has no flaw, except having no other quality.checked  
319BGP A L’OuestBrasseurs_du_Grand_Paris____L_Ouest.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisWheat AleFrance4.703checkedApprouvée 792017-05 Aroma: floral, grapefruit peel, wheat ; Appearance: pale hazy yellow, white foamy persistent head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, medium+ carbonation, short finish. A good wheat beer. Neither bad nor great, but kinda good for its style.checked  
318Alphabet brewing Flat WhiteAlphabet_brewing_Flat_White.jpgAlphabet Brewing Co.Sweet StoutAngleterre7.804checkedApprouvée 812017-05 White breakfast stout Aroma: coffee, orange and lime peel, some unknown spice ; Appearance: hazy tarnished copper, minimal white head ; Taste: low to medium bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium to low body, low carbonation, moderate length.checked  
317Naparbier pottokkaNaparbier_pottokka.jpgNaparbierIPAEspagne7.004checkedApprouvée 952017-04 Aroma: great smell (peach...), hazelnut, peach, peach peel, brioche, dank (I guess), lemon, yuzu ; Appearance: hazy yellow, minimal head (white, non persistent) ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, medium to low sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, creamy, lasting bitterness. checked  
316Vocation Smash & GrabVocation_Smash_and_grab.jpgVocation BreweryImperial IPAAngleterre8.504checkedApprouvée 992017-04 Aroma: fantastic hop smell, citrus, tropical fruit, some resin ; Appearance: opaque hazy brown orange, off white abundant foam (not persistent) ; Taste: medium bitterness, low to medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, not very long finish. Very good beer but their IPA is better.checked  
315Hermine Triple BuseBrasserie_de_l_hermine_Triple_Buse.jpgBrasserie de l’HermineBelgian Strong AleBretagne9.003checkedApprouvée  2017-04 Aroma: coriander, orange peel, biscuit, belgian yeast, spices, straw ; Appearance: hazy golden orange, medium low head (white, non persistent) ; Taste: very low bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium low body, medium carbonation, spicy warm aftertaste. Overall a good belgian tripel, brewed locally near my home town. checked  
314Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0Stone_Ruination_Dipa.jpgStoneImperial IPAUSA8.503checkedRejetée 992017-04 Aroma: pine cone, resin, smoke ; Appearance: hazy pale yellow, rocky semi persistent white foam ; Taste: very bitter, low sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, medium low carbonation, lasting bitter finish, nice warmth. I don't like the aromas, but the rest is fine I guess. Not an easy drink.checked  
313Mélusine Hellfest IPA 2017Hellfest_IPA_2017.jpgMélusineIPAFrance6.664checkedApprouvée  2017-04 Mélusine Hellfest IPA Chambretaud Aroma: floral, citrus (lime, tangerine), bread crust ; Appearance: copper, clear (before yeast pour), high persistent white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: thin to medium body, medium+ carbonation, slick feel, abrupt-ish finish but nice lingering warmth. Maybe the best Melusine I've tasted so far. Hellfest spirit is well represented in this beer that manages to synthetise many aspects of european IPAs (with continental hops, I can guess) and still be balanced and likeable by many. Average in the good sense.checked  
312Magic Rock High Wire grapefruitMagic_Rock_High_Wire_grapefruit.jpgMagic RockAmerican Pale AleAngleterre5.504checkedApprouvée 932017-04 Just like the classic but with added grapefruit that give it a strong pink grapefruit juice flavour and smell, that soften the whole beer. More drinkable and sessionable. Less powerful and explosive. Aroma: grapefruit smell, pink grapefruit juice and grapefruit peel engulfing the whole mouth; Appearance: almost clear, gold, minimal head (white, non persistent); Taste: strong (grapefruit) bitterness, low sweetness; Palate: medium thin body, low carbonation, lingering finish with engulfing bitterness. Very good even if too similar to a beer and grapefruit juice cocktail that I could prepare myself.checked  
311Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale AleDale_s_pale_ale.jpgOskar BluesAmerican Pale AleUSA6.504checkedApprouvée 972017-04 Aroma: resin, pine, grapefruit, citrus smell Appearance: can Taste: high bitterness, medium sweetness Palate: medium high carbonation, medium body, slick, strong grapefruit peel retro-olfaction, long bitter finish. Overall a pretty good beer.checked  
310Vocation Life and DeathVocation_Life_and_Death.jpgVocation BreweryIPAAngleterre6.505checkedApprouvéechecked962017-04 Aroma: fantastic smell (in the likes of Brewski Conan), tropical, biscuit, tangerine stew, peach ; Appearance: light golden orange, hazy, minimal white non lasting head ; Taste: very bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body with an important malty backbone, creamy, soft carbonation ; Overall a very good one. Exactly the kind of beers I like checked  
309Brewski PersikofeberBrewski_Persiko_feber_IPA.jpgBrewskiIPA 6.503checkedApprouvée 912017-04 Aroma: peach, cereals ; Appearance: pale clear gold, no head ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, medium sweetness; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, oily, dry finish. Good, not incredible, but good. checked  
308Beerbliotek Pop Corn Hop PornBeerbliotek_Pop_corn_hop_porn__62.jpgBeerbliotekIPASuède6.003checkedRejetée 772017-04 Aroma: flower (rose) petals, peach, pop corn, rock candy ; Appearance: almost clear gold, medium head (white, moderate persistence) ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium to high sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, light carbonation, moderately long finish. Very light in mouth despite a round body. Quite drinkable but a bit dull.checked  
307La Débauche NevermoreLa_d__bauche_Nevermore.jpgLa DébaucheImperial StoutFrance9.504checkedApprouvée 972017-03 Aroma: coffee, dark chocolate, licorice, roasted ; Appearance: black, minimal tan head ; Taste: low bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: low carbonation, medium body, lasting coffee aftertaste. Overall a good beer. Goes well with strong cheese and strawberries. V approvedchecked  
306BrewDog Kingpin35fa87ab2819720b73353a7e1581092b_Brewdog_Kingpin.jpgBrewdogPale LagerAngleterre4.702checkedRejetée 362017-03 Aroma: biscuit, apricot, pils-lager-like aromas ; Appearance: clear golden, medium head (white, semi persistent) ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium+ sweetness ; Palate: oily, medium body, not long lasting, medium carbonation. Overall... meh... Another pils-like lager that is just a bit more inspired than others.checked  
305Beerbliotek Session IPA number 73Beerbliotek_session_ipa__73.jpgBeerbliotekSession IPASuède3.503checkedApprouvée 762017-03 Resin, grapefruit peel, very bitter, no sweetness, watery, flat carbonation. Bitter long finish Too bitter and not enough backbone of malt or fruitchecked  
304Stigbergets American Pale Ale Amarillo CitraStigbergets_APA.jpgStigbergetsAmerican Pale AleSuède5.203checkedRejetée 962017-03 Amarillo & Citra 5.2% Aroma: peach & passion fruit smell, white bread, hints of tropical fruit, hints of grapefruit ; Appearance: golden yellow, almost clear, minimal head (white, non persistent) ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to light body, a bit creamy, abrupt finish. Good but not awesome due to lack in flavour power. Great smell though. Could be compared to a less flavoured punk IPA, with less tasty but more odorant power, if I may say so.checked  
303Beerbliotek / O/O Sabotage0_0_brewing_and_beerbliotek_Sabotage.jpgBeerbliotekBlack IPASuède6.603checkedApprouvée 962017-03 0/0 brewing and beerbliotek Aroma: resin, grapefruit peel, hints of toast, some smoke, a bit roasted Appearance: black, tan rocky head Taste: medium to high bitterness, medium low sweetness Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, creamy Overall: OK.checked  
302Northern Monk Bombay DazzlerNorthern_Monk_Bombay_Dazzler.jpgNorthern MonkWitbeerAngleterre4.802checkedRejetée 502017-03 Aroma: very spicy flavoured (cardamon, ginger), banana Appearance: pale yellow, white head Taste: low bitterness, low to medium sweetness, some sourness Palate: medium body, low carbonation. Overall: too much spice. Very indian as for the flavors.checked  
301Siren Craft Proteus - Vol.2 Version 1 - Mosaic, Chinook, CascadeSiren_craft_Proteus_IPA.jpgSirenAmerican Pale AleAngleterre4.004checkedApprouvée 812017-03 Version: Mosaic/Chinook/Cascade. Appearance: Copper, clear, rocky persistent white head. Aroma: tropical fruits smell, peach, resin, toast, grapefruit peel (dominant in the aftertaste) Taste: medium sweetness, high bitterness. Palate: Medium to full body, medium high carbonation, creamy texture, nice warmth that enhances the fruit flavours, short finish on tongue but persisting bitterness on palate. Fantastic smell. A bit too carbonated. Taste not fully up to the promises made by the smell, but great still. A bit unbalanced on the bitterness side, which eclipses the fruit side too much.checked  
300Distrikt Beer Naive New BeerDistrikt_Na__ve_New_Beer.jpgDistrikt BeerBelgian AleFrance6.224checkedApprouvée  2017-03 Aroma: good smell, bread, berries, apricot, barn (somehow), herbal, straw, funky ; Appearance: brown, hazy, white medium head, not very persistent ; Taste: medium to low bitterness, light sweetness, some sourness ; Palate: medium body, astringent, rough like good farm cider, abrupt finish. Quite good.checked  
299Beerbliotek What’s Better Than Eating a MandarinBeerbliotek_Whats_better_than_eating_a_mandarin.jpgBeerbliotekBerliner WeisseSuède3.504checkedRejetée 402017-05 What’s better than eating a mandarin? Aroma: light fruity smell, light kinda watery mandarin and lemon taste. Kinda like watered Orangina, light hint of pickled ginger, fruit juice. Appearance: pale hazy yellow, minimal white light foam, not persistent. Taste: light bitterness, light sweetness, medium sourness, light hint of salt. Palate: Watery body, sour finish. I liked it but wouldn’t bother drinking it another time.checked  
298Parisis IPArisisIPArisis.jpgParisisIPAFrance6.205checkedApprouvéechecked902017-03 Aroma: peach, biscuit, rock candy, resin, that "good ipa smell I like but can't define". Appearance: clear copper. Minimal white head, non persistent. Taste: medium sweetness, medium to high bitterness. Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, medium long and bitter finish. 5/5 Very good and fav.checked  
297BapBap originaleBapBap_originale.jpgBAPBAPBière de GardeFrance5.802checkedRejetée 502017-03 Aroma: banana, white bread, floral, far hints of pine needles. Appearance: hazy pale copper, white minimal head, non persistent. Taste: low sweetness, low bitterness. Palate: Medium thin body, low carbonation, short finish. The 1st smell revealed it instantaneously: this is a meh beer. 2/5.checked  
296Matten Red Fox IPAMatten_red_fox_IPA.jpgMattenBière de GardeFrance7.703checkedRejetée 672017-03 1st off: this is not an IPA. Period. This is a "biere de garde". Aroma: gingerbread, herbal. Appearance: dark copper, off-White foam. Taste: high bitterness, medium sweetness. Palate: medium carbonation, medium body, lasting bitterness. Overall a nice bière de garde. The IPA denomination is not deserved. Neither is the gold medal it proudly shows on its label. A bit unbalanced on the bitterness side. To my liking this is worth 3/5.checked  
295Naparbier Alien klawNaparbier_Alien_klaw.jpgNaparbierIPAEspagne6.805checkedApprouvéechecked902017-03 Aroma: Banana and apricot from the yeast, black bread, herbal notes from the hops, peach. Yeast is upfront like in some triples. Appearance: Pale yellow, clear, white non persistent minimal head. Palate: Creamy full body, low carbonationl yeast persistence in the end, with herbal hoppy bitterness on the sides of the mouth. As far as Bipa go, this one is a really good one. It is the proud offspring of American IPAs and belgian triples. That, I do like.checked  
294Beavertown Gamma RayBeavertown_Gamma_ray.jpgBeavertownAmerican Pale AleAngleterre5.404checkedApprouvée 982017-03 Aroma: 1st mouth peppers, then orange and tangerine stew ; Appearance: pale hazy yellow ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: Full to medium body, creamy, medium low carbonation, medium lasting bitter and citrus finish. Very drinkable. Very enjoyable.checked  
293La Débauche Big BoyLa_d__bauche_Mad_Machine_Big_Boy.jpgLa DébaucheImperial StoutFrance12.003checkedApprouvée 952017-03Spiced with red chili’sAroma: coffee smell and taste, biscuit, black chocolate, coal ; Appearance: black, brown coffee like foam ; Taste: medium to low bitterness, light sweetness, light sourness ; Palate: almost full body, soft carbonation, medium lasting finish. A bit too acidic, maybe infected? 3/5checked  
292Page 24 BlanchePage24_blanche.jpgBrasserie Saint GermainWitbeerFrance4.902checkedRejetée 412017-05 Aroma: white bread, cinnamon, lime ; Appearance: hazy pale yellow ; Taste: low bitterness, low to medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, fizzy. Kinda correct.checked  
291Le Trou du Diable Mactavish In MemoriamLe_trou_du_diable_-_Mc_Tavish.pngLe Trou du DiableAmerican Pale AleCanada5.004checkedApprouvée 822017-02 Aroma: spicy smell, white bread, some banana, sweet fruits(maybe apple), spice, some wood, a bit herbal ; Appearance: copper, medium non lasting white head ; Taste: medium to low bitterness at first, then medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to thin body, medium carbonation, long hoppy bitter finish ; A very drinkable beer, not too special but does its job.checked  
290Karl strauss tower 10 ipaKarl_strauss_tower_10_ipa.jpgKarl StraussIPAUSA7.002checkedRejetée 792017-02 Aroma: resin, grapefruit, herbs ; Taste: very high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, long bitter finish ; Too much bitterness, and for what?checked  
289Matten highway to aleMatten_highway_to_ale.jpgMattenIPAFrance6.663checkedA Retester 662017-02 Aroma: resin, floral, caramel, grapefruit ; Appearance: brown, minimal white head ; Taste: high biterness ; Palate : Medium body, bitter long finish. Drinked too cold at v&bchecked  
288Cloudwater / Mont Salève Pétillant Naturel HoublonnéeCloudwater_Mont_Sal__ve_P__tillant_Naturel_Houblonn__e.jpgCloudwater / Mont SalèveSaisonAngleterre12.005checkedApprouvéechecked782017-05 Aroma: lemon, orange, grapes, tropical fruits salad ; Appearance: pale hazy yellow, minimal head (white, non persistent) ; Taste: very low bitterness, medium sweetness, some delicate sourness ; Palate: medium body, medium carbonation, low persistence. Wah. This beer is one pack of flavours. I do like it very very much. The comparison with a "hopped Champagne" is well earned. KUDOS Cloudwater & Brasserie du Mont Salève. This is great work! checked  
287Skumenn Delhi DelhiSkumenn_Delhi_Delhi.jpgSkumennImperial IPABretagne7.503checkedApprouvée  2017-05 Aroma: smoked malt, caramel, citrus peel, biscuit ; Appearance: dark reddish brown, hazy, minimal non persistent head (off-white) Taste: medium bitterness, medium+ sweetness ; Palate: strong body, low carbonation (almost flat), moderately short finish. Overall, not to my taste, but I can see the greatness in it.checked  
286Omnipollo ArzachelOmnipollo_Arzachel.jpgOmnipolloSession IPASuède3.503checkedRejetée 942017-05 Aroma: nose of passion fruit and lemon, mouth is less powerful than nose, peach, malt is not prominent at all ; Appearance: nice pale hazy yellow with small white not very persistent head; Taste: medium high bitterness (more than expected for the style, but not too much), medium low sweetness, some acidity; Palate: thin body (actually medium/thin), flat carbonation, lingering bitterness on the sides of the tongue. Very good smell, but not that flavoured actually, too bitter for its balance. Don't drink too cold because the flavours are quite volatile and thin. A good beer though, but not a _great_ one.checked  
285St. Austell Proper JobStAustellProperJob.jpgSt. AustellIPAAngleterre5.504checkedApprouvée 772017-05 On tap by the pint. Aroma: light pine, grapefruit peel ; Appearance: clear gold, no head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: dry, low carbonation, medium body, slick feel. Overall a very good beer on tap.checked  
284Abers OuessanneAbers_Ouessanne.jpgBrasserie des AbersSpice/Herb/VegetableBretagne5.00 checkedRejetée 232017-05Bière aux AlguesAroma: bitter orange stew, algae, floral, herbs, banana ; Appearance: hazy orange (clear before yeast pour), minimal white non lasting head ; Taste: light bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: watery body, light carbonation, algae finish, almost no persistence. 3;3.5;3;2.5=>3checked  
283Belgian Beer Project DeltaBBP_Delta.jpgBelgian Beer ProjectBelgian IPABelgique6.504checkedApprouvée 892017-05 Aroma: tropical fruits, orange + orange peel in the background, bread dough, nose is stronger than mouth ; Appearance: clear pale copper, nice fluffy white head ; Taste: moderately bitter, medium low sweetness ; Palate: medium+ body, moderately fizzy, lightly bitter aftertaste, nice warmth in the background. A solid BIPA.checked  
282Magic Rock Human CannonballMagic_Rock_Brewing_-_Human_Cannonball.jpgMagic RockImperial IPAAngleterre9.205checkedApprouvéechecked992017-04 Aroma: peppery, piney, mango, tropical fruits, some citrus, rock candy ; Appearance: murky brown, minimal white head ; Taste: relatively high bitterness that takes time to develop, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, very long lingering finish. All the above in a kinda dampened version of the Unhuman Cannonball. The alcohol is well hidden, maybe too well. A great beer, but taste the bigger sister and you'll know what I mean.checked  
281Cloudwater DIPA - v13cloudwater-dipa-v13.jpgCloudwater Angleterre9.003checkedApprouvée 1002017-04 Aroma: citrus, flour, lemon, hints of licorice, a bit of peach, great smell, but not very powerful ; Appearance: very hazy pale deep yellow, light white non persistent foam ; Taste: low bitterness, low to medium sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, a bit rough on the palate, abrupt finish. To me, not worth all the fuss. The Stigbergets GBG is way better and cheaper, even though it is not even a DIPA. I’ll compare it to the (un)human cannonball, because everyone seems to do so. Well, to me, the Cannonball variants are way more sophisticated and waaaaay better than this (still very good) beer. For the record, I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to taste both of these terribly rare brews.checked  
280Magic Rock Unhuman CannonballUnhuman_Cannonball.jpgMagic RockImperial IPAAngleterre11.005checkedApprouvéechecked992017-04 Aroma: peppery, piney, mango, tropical fruits, some citrus, rock candy ; Appearance: murky brown, minimal white head ; Taste: relatively high bitterness that takes time to develop, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, very long lingering finish. F_ing greatest beer ever.checked  
279La Débauche Demi MondaineLa_Dbauche_Demi_Mondaine.jpgLa DébaucheImperial StoutFrance11.004checkedApprouvée 962017-02 Aroma: cocoa, coffee, roasted, licorice, molasses, hints of vanilla ; Appearance: black, minimal head (off-white/beige, non persistent) ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium to high sweetness ; Palate: medium to thin body, moderately persistent taste. Overall a very fine beer.checked  
278BrewDog Elvis Juice (2016)BrewDog_Elvis_Juice.jpgBrewDogIPAEcosse6.505checkedApprouvée 952017-02 Aroma: strong peach and grapefruit nose, peach, tangerine stew, grapefruit peel, orange peel, white grapefruit, floral, herbal, bread ; Appearance: clear copper, minimal white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: Medium body. Creamy. Medium finish with medium bitterness. Overall: very tasty, very fruity, very good.checked  
277Magic Rock InhalerMagic_Rock_Inhaler.jpgMagic RockSession IPAAngleterre4.505checkedApprouvéechecked952017-02 Aroma: pine, tropical, fruity, floral, orange, grapefruit aftertaste, burnt toast ; Appearance: orange brown, white medium-sized non persistent head ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, light sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, average carbonation, long bitter finish. Overall a great beer.checked  
276Lapépie Perigord Pale AleLap__pie_P__rigord_Pale_Ale.jpgLa PépieAmerican Pale AleFrance4.503checkedRejetée  2017-03 Brewed at Mélusine Aroma: grapefruit, biscuit, hint of burnt toast, peach in retro-olfaction, pine needles, nuts, hint of tree bark ; Appearance: pale hazy brown, rocky persistent white foam ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, low to medium sweetness; Palate: medium body, high carbonation, medium to long lasting bitter finish. Kinda correct, has good complexity, but ruined by the too high carbonation, and the off balance bitterness compared to aromas. Peach aroma is a bonus though, so it ups the note for me.checked  
275BrewDog Neon OverlordBrewdog_Neon_Overlord.jpgBrewDogSpice/Herb/VegetableEcosse7.302checkedRejetée 432017-02Chili and mangoFor this one I'll make an exception on my routinal description template. Because reasons listed below. A punch of mango and a freaking truckload of chili. Mango smells good and is 1st in mouth (yummy), then immediately and unexpectedely, the chili gets there and punches you hard. Mango on tongue and killer chili on palate and lips. Chili kinda ruins it all, and will ruin anything else for the rest of your day. It has a medium body for a mango beer, but it is not enough, by very far, to support the astronomical load of chili. Like said before, the chili aftertaste is incredibly long, and will ruin the rest of your food for the day. I guess it'd be good with wery spicy food, but I'm not even sure of it, and it would definately ruin anything else. This ode to chili could have been a good beer, but it misses on its intended target and is, in my humble opinion, a remarkable failure. ...But. I can give it to Brewdog that, when they do something, they do it all the way, and often even further. They are mad men with mad tools, and this is what we want from them. This beer is a monument to madness, and even in its utter undrinkability, it still is a damn masterpiece in its own, twisted way.checked  
274Unibroue La Fin du MondeUnibroue_La_Fin_Du_Monde.jpgUnibroue (Sapporo)Abbey TripelCanada9.004checkedApprouvée 992017-02 Aroma: biscuit, banana, apricot ; Appearance: blonde, white medium head ; Taste : medium sweetness, no bitterness ; Palate: medium+ body, moderately long lasting finish. A good abbey trippel. A classic.checked  
273Brew By Numbers 11/12 Session IPA - AmarilloBrew_By_Numbers_11-12_Session_IPA_-_Amarillo.jpgBrew By NumbersSession IPAAngleterre4.004checkedApprouvée 722017-02 Aroma: nose is pine / fresh herbs, mouth is citrus, tangerine, lemon, and lots of peach ; Appearance: hazy yellow, no head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, short finish. Very fruity, very sessionable, very enjoyable.checked  
272Beavertown Lupuloid0904507a539d14ccd2029c3b9a843f6b_Beavertown_Lupuloid.jpgBeavertownIPAAngleterre6.705checkedApprouvéechecked972017-02 Aroma: hoppy, very hoppy, hints of tropical fruits, hints of pine ; Appearance: hazy gold, minimal white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, creamy, average to low carbonation, short finish. A very good beer. Very straightforward, not the deepest and most complex one, but very good in what it does.checked  
271To Øl Bee My ValentineBee_My_Valentine.jpgTo ØlImperial StoutDanemark7.503checkedApprouvée 442017-02 Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij Aroma: chocolate, coffee, honey, strawberry aftertaste ; Appearance: black ; Taste: low bitterness, low sweetness, low acidity, some saltyness ; Palate: medium body, short finish. A kinda good Valentine beer.checked  
270Wild Beer PogoWild_Beer_Pogo.jpgWild BeerAmerican Pale AleAngleterre4.004checkedApprouvée 712017-02 Aroma: nose is tropical/sweet, mouth is rock candy, fruity (tropical) ; Appearance is unknown because of can ; Taste: low bitterness, little to now sweetness ; Palate: light body, soft carbonation, medium lasting finish. A very sessionable, very enjoyable beer.checked  
269BGP La Levalloisef068269f411b2aba5b7d10cdf83c1448_La_Levalloise.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisAmerican Pale AleFrance5.704checkedApprouvée 742017-02 Aroma: orange, lime, cereal, sweet grapefruit ; Appearance: Pale yellow, hazy, white persistent head ; Taste: medium to low bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, soft carbonation, slick feel, medium lasting medium bitter finish. Overall a good beer.checked  
268Alaryk IPA BioAlaryk_IPA_Bio.jpgAlarykIPAFrance6.503checkedRejetée  2017-02 Aroma: far hints of citrus, bread/toast, floral/grass ; Appearance: copper, almost clear, white rocky head (persistent) ; Taste: medium+ bitterness, very light sweetness ; Palate: medium body, soft carbonation, long bitter finish. Overall a kinda bland beer, not bad, not good, just meh.checked  
267Unibroue Éphémère AppleUnibroue___ph__m__re_Apple.jpgUnibroue (Sapporo)Fruit BeerCanada5.501checkedRejetée 722017-02Pomme GranyAroma: chemical apple flavour, wheat ; Taste: very sweet, no bitterness, light acidity ; Palate: medium to light body, lively, sweet finish. I could not finish it, I didn't like it at allchecked  
266Kingpin MandarinKingpin_Mandarin.jpgKingpinIPAPologne7.302checkedRejetée 902017-02SenchaAroma: pils smell, then meat smell (wtf ?), meat, wood, hint of sencha (far), resin, smoke ; Appearance: dark copper, clear, medium white head ; Taste: high bitterness, but strange one, low sweetness ; Palate: medium+ body, lasting finish. Overall, a strange beer, something is off with the smell and flavours, I don't know what, but it was unpleasant.checked  
265Beerbliotek Eternal DanknessBeerbliotek_Eternal_Dankness.jpgBeerbliotekImperial IPASuède9.504checkedApprouvée 952017-02 Aroma: pineapple, tropical fruits, tangerine stew (lots of it), rock candy, hints of yuzu, white bread, alcohol is not very present ; Appearance: hazy copper, white head (non persistent) ; Taste: medium to high sweetness, low bitterness ; full creamy body, a bit sticky, soft carbonation, little to no finish. This beer wears its name properly. I put it in the same category as the Brewski Conan, yet a bit below it.checked  
264Brewski BarbarianBrewski_Barbarian.jpgBrewskiIPASuède6.005checkedApprouvéechecked972017-01LactoseAroma: amazing smell that I have trouble describing (other than "WTF ?!"), cookie dough, lemon meringue pie, rock candy, some far hints of pine, berries, tropical fruits ; Appearance: hazy hellow, medium (white) head ; Taste: medium/high sweetness, medium/low bitterness ; Palate: full body, mouthful impression, bitter finish with a lasting mouthful of flavours. Once again, Brewski blew my tastebuds, with unexplainable flavours, and a strong yummy taste. I don't know what to say other than wow !checked  
263Buxton Rain Shadow 2016Buxton_Rain_Shadow_2016.jpgBuxtonImperial StoutAngleterre10.003checkedRejetée 982017-01 Aroma: light coffee, sour berries, dark chocolate, tobacco, red wine, barrel wood, brandy ; Appearance: black, no foam ; Taste: lightly bitter (coffee like), heavy sweetness ; Palate: full body, creamy, flat carbonation, long finish. The sweetness was almost sickly for my taste, but otherwise a very strongly flavoured beer. Not my fav, but good.checked  
262Little Things That KillWeird_Beard_Little_Things_That_Kill.jpgWeird BeardSession IPAAngleterre3.903checkedApprouvée 842017-01 Aroma: floral, spruce, some resin, dry lime, toast, pine needles ; Appearance: pale yellow/orange, hazy, reasonably important white head (medium lasting) ; Taste: high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: Medium body, granular feel, average carbonation. I drinked this one in two servings, with a one day interval, and the second half of the bottle was still very drinkable (maybe even more flavoured). Overall a very good low alcohol beer.checked  
261Page 24 Réserve Hildegarde BlondPage_24_R__serve_Hildegarde_Blonde.jpgBrasserie Saint GermainBière de GardeFrance6.901checkedRejetée 742017-01 Aroma: Floral, banana, apricot, biscuit ; Appearance: almost clear, pale copper, almost no foam (white, non persistent) ; Taste: light bitterness, light sweetness ; Palate: medium body, average/low carbonation, uninteresting finishchecked  
260Valmy Bière BlondeValmy_Bi__re_Blonde.jpgOrgemontBière de GardeFrance6.502checkedRejetée 432017-01 Aroma: tangerine marmelade toast ; Appearance: pale yellow, hazy, minimal white head, not persistent ; Taste: no bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, dry medium finish.checked  
259Valmy Bière BlancheValmy_Bi__re_Blanche.jpgOrgemontWitbierFrance5.002checkedRejetée 332017-01 Aroma: tangerine, biscuit, yeasty spice, endive, herbs ; Appearance: pale copper, hazy, minimum white head ; Taste: no bitterness, medium to heavy sweetness, a bit acidic ; Palate: medium body, average carbonation, no finish. Kinda bland. Again (for this brand), no information whatsoever on the label. This deserves a minus one overall point.checked  
258Valmy IPAValmy_IPA.jpgOrgemontIPAFrance6.502checkedRejetée  2017-01 Aroma: Wheat, flour, yeasty spice, citrus peel (orange, tangerine, lemon), basil, thyme ; Appearance: copper, minimum white non persistent head ; Taste: dry medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, average to low carbonation, oily feel, short finish with flour and tangerine flavours. Minus 1 overall point for lack of any information on the label.checked  
257Page 24 Réserve Hildegarde AmbréePage_24_R__serve_Hildegarde_Ambr__e.jpgBrasserie Saint GermainBière de GardeFrance0.003checkedRejetée 602017-01 Aroma: chestnut, licorice, molasses, peach, floral, cereal ; Appearance: Dark red, hasy, almost no foam (white) ; Taste: medium sweetness, no bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, abrupt finishchecked  
256Beerbliotek / Cervisiam Not Guilty! The OJ IPABeerbliotek-Cervisiam-Not-Guilty-The-OJ-IPA.jpgBeerbliotekIPASuède7.505checkedApprouvéechecked902017-01Zeste d'orangeAroma: pine cone smell, toast, pine cone, peach, peach peel, orange stew mouthful, orange peel ; Appearance: cloudy brown, minimal white head, not persistent ; medium sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate: medium to full body, average carbonation, dry ending full of notes of orange peel. A very good one.checked  
255O’Clock Coffee Stout ToujoursOClock_Coffee_Stout_Toujours.pngO’ClockCoffee StoutFrance6.505checkedApprouvéechecked 2017-01Grains de caféAroma: coffee, cereals ; Appearance: black, cloudy, minimal head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium light sweetness ; Palate: full body, slick feel, soft carbonation, long finish with coffee flavours and bitterness. overall : at least a modern stout with body ! I am not a huge fan of coffee (which this particular beer packs a lot), but I can say I did like that one. A great beer.checked  
254Tiny Rebel Stay PuftTiny_Rebel_Stay_Puft.jpgTiny RebelStoutPays de Galles5.204checkedApprouvée 892017-01 Aroma: roasted and marshmallow nose, dark chocolate, coffee, flowers ; Appearance: black, minimal head, tan foam, non persistent head ; Taste: low bitterness, medium-low sweetness ; Palate: Medium-light body, average carbonation, abrupt end. Overall, this beer is good, with light and balanced flavours. Not awesome, but good indeed.checked  
253Stigbergets Gbg Beer Week 2016Stigbergets_Gbg_Beer_Week_2016.jpgStigbergetsIPASuède6.504checkedApprouvée 1002017-01 Aroma: lemon nose, bilberry, blackcurrant aftertaste ; Appearance: Pale cloudy yellow, white medium head (not persistent) ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, slightly creamy (milky ?), average carbonation. Overall a good beer, but not a 100% one imo.checked  
252Guinness West Indies PorterGuinness_West_Indies_Porter.jpgSt. James’s Gate (Diageo)PorterIrlande6.002checkedRejetée 822017-01 Aroma: Coffee, licorice ; Appearance: black, tan foam ; Taste: medium bitterness, light sweetness ; light body, dry. Overall a fully uninteresting industrial watery parody of a beer.checked  
251O’Clock Brewing 20 Years LaterO___Clock_Brewing_20_Years_Later.jpgO’ClockImperial IPAFrance8.503checkedRejetée  2017-01 Aroma: pine, resin, dirt, metal ; Appearance: dark red copper, medium persistent head ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sourness, light sweetness ; Palate: medium body, dry. Overall : this bottle might have been poorly kept, as it had dirt and metal flavours. Maybe I'll resample it someday. It seemed better than what I experienced.checked  
250Montreuil sur Ille East side Pale AleLa_Brasserie_de_Montreuil_sur_Ille.jpgLa Brasserie de Montreuil sur IlleAmerican Pale AleBretagne4.503checkedRejetée  2017-01 Aroma: cereals, banana, barn, very farm-like kind of flavour, on mouth and nose ; Appearance: cloudy copper, white stable abundant foam ; Taste: medium bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, average carbonation. Overall a good piece, but needs more work.checked  
249Buxton Wyoming Sheep RanchBuxton_Wyoming_Sheep_Ranch.jpgBuxtonImperial IPAAngleterre9.004checkedA Retester 962017-01 Aroma: pine, resin, licorice (not sure), bread, dry fruits (a bit), and a blackberry nose (strong but very volatile) and aftertaste (mild) ; Appearance: clear copper, small head ; very bitter, light sweetness. I need to taste it again, to assess it better.checked  
248Petrus Gouden TripelPetrus_Gouden_Tripel.jpgBavik-De BrabandereAbbey TripelBelgique7.504checkedApprouvée 612017-01 Aroma: spices, dry apricot, hazelnuts, cereals ; Appearance: clear, pale, golden blond, white foam, frothy, persistent head ; Taste; lightly bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, fizzy, short finish with warmth and light bitterness, discreet alcohol. Quite a good beer.checked  
247Ô Canada L’Orignal___Canada_L___Orignal.jpgFerme Brasserie SchouneBelgian AleCanada4.502checkedRejetée  2017-01 Aroma: vague bread & banana, lager/pils-likeness ; Appearance: Dark reddish brown, tan head (abundant foam) ; Taste: lightly bitter, light sweetness, lightly acidic ; Palate: light to medium body, almost watery feel, strong carbonation, no finish. Overall a very dull and generic beer, and not even a cheap one ! I didn't finish it, and I wouldn't even recommend it unless it were given fo free.checked  
246Stigbergets West Coast IPAStigbergets_West_Coast_IPA.jpgStigbergetsIPASuède6.504checkedApprouvée 982017-01 Aroma: peach, biscuit, lemon peel, sandy beach, 1st nose of peach ; Appearance: pale yellow/copper ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; full body, creamy feel, average carbonation, short finish. Overall: very good, with flavours that evoke the beach (like its label suggests). I'd compare it to the Brewski Conan, but with less stength in its flavours. A good sessionable beer. To me, feels like a session IPA.checked  
245Gordon Finest ScotchGordon_Finest_Scotch.jpgJohn MartinScotch AleBelgique8.002checkedRejetée 772017-01 Aroma: sugary hard biscuits (those ones grandmas always give you and you hate), molasses, herbs, berries (cherry), barrel wood, nose of molasses ; Appearance: Dark reddish brown, tan/white frothy foam ; Taste: medium to heavy sweetness, low bitterness ; Palate: medium body, sirupy feel, low carbonation, sweet finish. Overall: too sweet for my taste.checked  
244Buxton Nth CloudBuxton_Nth_Cloud.jpgBuxtonImperial IPAAngleterre8.203checkedApprouvée 982017-01 Aroma: pine resin, grapefruit zest, bread, herbs, a bit of licorice, resinous nose, volatile alcohol ; Appearance: Hazy copper, rocky head, white foam Taste: high bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate : medium to light body, oily feel, lightly astringent, lively carbonation, bitter, long finish, volatile alcoholic warmth in background. Overall a good beer, but too lightly bodied for its high bitterness.checked  
243La BorDée La BarikéeLa_BorD__e_La_Barik__e.jpgLa BorDéeAmber AleBretagne6.00 checkedA Retester  2017-01Viellie en fûts de chêneHard gush (half of 75cl bottle), then no carbonation left (hence no foam) ; strong wine vinegar smell and taste, metal, barrel wood, spirit, wild background taste. This bottle was most definately infested. To be retested. checked  
242Tempest Brave New WorldTempest_Brave_New_World.jpgTempestIPAEcosse7.005checkedApprouvée 972017-01 Aroma: biscuit, pine, grapefruit ; 1st nose is floral, grapefruit, and maybe mango, low alcohol feel, 2nd half of glass is more bitter; Appearance: copper, hazy, white minimal head ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, light sweetness ; full body, slick feel, soft carbonation, long bitter finish. The mouth is filled with biscuit and citrus flavour. Very drinkable, classic but efficient. Would pair well with smoked ham and Comté.checked  
241Brewski Conan DIPABrewski_Conan_DIPA.jpgBrewskiImperial IPASuède8.005checkedApprouvéechecked992017-01 Aroma: peach, tangerine, nuts, candy sugar on the tip of the tongue, and something I don't know (wow !) ; Appearance : Pale yellow, hazy, minimal head, white foam ; Taste: light sweetness, light to medium bitter ; Palate: fullest of full bodies, creamy texture, soft carbonation, bitter, long finish with candy sugar on top of tangerine/peach skin bitterness. This beer is freaking awesome, I bought it because of the name, and wasn't expecting anything at all. At the first sip I simply couldn't understant what was happening : woowww ! Do not expect resin driven flavours, like in any other DIPA. This is completely unexpected, and I still can't fully process the awesomeness of it. Just. Wow ! I need to buy another one. I just need to.checked  
240Martin’s Pale AleMartin___s_Pale_Ale.jpgJohn MartinEnglish Strong AleBelgique5.802checkedRejetée 482017-01 Aroma: banana, apricot, biscuit, flour, spices (hint of mild pepper) ; Appearance : Pale blond, clear, average white head ; Taste : medium sweetness, lightly bitter ; light body, slick feel, almost oily but not quite, average carbonation, average finish. Overall: too sweet, smells like sweat. Need I say more? I coudn't even finish my glass.checked  
239Hitachino Nest XHHitachino_Nest_XH.jpgKiuchi (Hitachino)Belgian AleJapon8.004checkedApprouvée 952017-01Vieillie en fûts de sakéAroma: Smoked, cooked rice, old liquor (brandy, rum, sake), ripe fruits (stewed orange, plum ?), toast, biscuit, volatile alcohol in the background ; Appearance: clear/sparkling dark red, minimal white head ; Taste: medium sweetness, then mild bitterness, followed by a salty sour feel, and (I'm not totally sure of it) a hint of what I think is umami ; Palate: full body, creamy texture, lively carbonation, warm, moderately long aftertaste. Overall a great beer, with a rich depth of flavours and a very pleasant complexity. This is however a somewhat sophisticated beer, not fully accessible to the untrained. I would recommend it with Stilton or old Laguiole (or similar cheeses).checked  
238Lancelot Telenn DuLancelot_Telenn_Du.jpgLancelotSpecialty GrainBretagne0.001checkedRejetée 66 Blé noirAroma: roasted coffee ; Appearance: very dark red (almost black), minimal tan head ; Taste: light sweetness, lightly bitter ; Palate: watery, no finish. Overall a bad bad beer. Where is the complexity, where is the body, and more importantly, where is the buckwheat ? Don't get fooled by this watery beverage posing as a stout.checked  
237St-Feuillien BlondeSt-Feuillien_Blonde.jpgBrasserie St-Feuillien / FriartBelgian Strong AleBelgique7.502checkedRejetée 852017-01 Aroma: Biscuit (hint of speculoos), ripe banana, apricot, spicy nose (coriander ?) ; Appearance: clear, pale yellow, medium white head ; Taste: medium-high sweetness, medium-low bitterness ; Palate: medium body, thin feel, medium-high carbonation, average finish (spicy yeasty aftertaste). Correct, but far from awesome.checked  
236BrewDog Ace of Citrabrewdog-ace-of-citra.jpgBrewDogSession IPAEcosse4.505checkedApprouvéechecked782017-01 Aroma: Biscuit, Resin, grapefruit ; Appearance: clear golden, white head ; Taste: light sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, bitter long finish. Overall a great single hop session IPA, and a very good beer.checked  
235Sainte Colombe Bière de NoëlSainte_Colombe_Bi__re_de_No__l.jpgSainte ColombeBière de GardeBretagne7.003checkedApprouvée  2016-12 Aroma: cherry, pine (light), banana yeast, biscuit ; Appearance: dark red, hazy, off-white foam, medium head ; Taste: medium sweetness, lightly bitter ; Palate: medium body, average carbonation, short finish. Overall a decent christmas beer.checked  
234Thornbridge HuckThornbridge_Huck.jpgThornbridgeIPAAngleterre7.404checkedApprouvée 932016-12 Aroma: Pine cones, resin (dominant flavour), Mature cheddar, maybe stilton, lemon zest, hint of bitter apple ; Appearance: pale, copper, clear, white foam, minimal head ; Taste: very bitter, light sweetness ; Palate: medium body, average carbonation, long bitter finish with those english cheese aromas on the palate. Overall an interesting beer, with interesting flavours. I think it pairs perfectly with matured english cheese. A bit too heavy on the resin side.checked  
233Beck'sBecks.jpgBeck & Co./Becks (InBev)German PilsAllemagne4.802 Rejetée 82016-12 Aroma: Cereal, yeast, cheap lemonade ; Appearance: Pale clear golden ; Taste : medium bitterness ; medium to low sweetness ; Palate: medium to light body, thin texture, average carbonation, long kinda unpleasant bitter finish, but not the pleasant bitterness (lasts for hours in the throat). Overall, completely bland and average beer, which, for a pils, is quite a good rating.checked  
232La BorDée BruneLa_BorDe_Brune.jpgLa BorDéeStoutBretagne4.002checkedRejetée  2016-12 Aroma: coffee ; Appearance: black, tan gushing but short lasting foam ; Taste: light bitterness, medium sweetness, slight sourness ; Palate: light body, watery, flat carbonation due to very strong gushing. Overall disappointing. And a gusher.checked  
231La BorDée BlondeLa_BorDe_Blonde.jpgLa BorDéeBelgian AleBretagne5.504checkedApprouvée  2016-12 Aroma: biscuit, tangerine, apricot, yeast ; Appearance: hazy golden, medium white head ; Taste: no bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, slightly long finish with maybe some funky-esque taste at the tip of the tongue. Overall, although a bit less awesome than the Lorient Ale (which is based on the same recipe, with spices), this one is a very good and very drinkable beer that I would recommend to anyone.checked  
230La BorDée Lorient AleLa_BorDe_Lorient_Ale.jpgLa BorDéeBelgian AleBretagne5.505checkedApprouvéechecked 2016-12Kari GosseAroma: spicy smell similar to some spicy white beers, slightly acidic taste, granny smith, physalis, spice (Kari gosse); Appearance: cloudy golden, medium head ; Taste: low sweetness, low bitterness, medium sourness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, a bit astringent long finish with acidic evaporating flavours on the tip of the tongue. The kari gosse is a spice blend invented in Lorient more than a century ago. It gives this beer a warm and spicy long lasting aftertaste. Overall a very flavourful and enjoyable beer.checked  
229Troubadour MagmaTroubadour_Magma.jpgBrouwerij The MusketeersBelgian IPABelgique9.004checkedApprouvée 962016-12 Aroma: Malt, yeast (banana) ; Appearance: Copper with steady white rocky foam ; Taste: medium sweetness, medium to high bitterness ; Palate: full body, creamy, average carbonation, medium long finish with bitterness and yeast flavour. A great variation on belgian triple and IPA with dry hopping. Never heard of it before, found it by mere luck in a random liquor store. I am glad I found it !checked  
228RZN City Ales La BagoulRZN_Bagoul.jpgRZN City AlesPorterBretagne5.705checkedApprouvéechecked 2016-12 Aroma: coffee, dried fruit (grape, apricot), yeast ; Appearance: slightly hazy black, no head ; Taste: lightly bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: light to medium body, slick feel, a bit creamy, flat carbonation, medium-long finish, with notes of dried fruits evaporating from the tongue and a bit of bitterness. Overall a great beer. To date the best porter I have ever tried. And it is local (and hence cheap !). It is very deep, complex and flavourful, and lacks only a bit of stength (a bit too light a body in my opinion), but it is not much of a real issue as I am sure the beer will improve with the brewer's experience.checked  
227De Dochter van de Korenaar Sans PardonDe_Dochter_van_de_Korenaar_Sans_Pardon.jpgDe Dochter van de KorenaarImperial StoutBelgique11.004checkedApprouvée 982016-12 Aroma: roasty, coffee, hints of dark chocolate, old rum, volatile alcohol in retro-olfaction ; Appearance: black, cloudy, tan medium head ; Taste: balanced average sweetness and bitterness ; Palate: full body, creamy, soft carbonation, medium-short, mildly bitter aftertaste with hints of old rum and toast. This is a very good beer, but imo not powerful enough. It is a very soft tasting beer, despite the high alcohol content. It is at the same time a quality and something that could be improved.checked  
226Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer Rum FinishInnis___Gunn_Oak_Aged_Beer_Rum_Finish.jpgInnis & GunnEnglish Strong AleEcosse6.804checkedApprouvée 592016-12 Bottle - 6.8% version labeled "Rum Finish" ; Aroma: sweet rum, malt (dough), predominant volatile rum flavours in retro-olfaction ; Appearance: ruby-brown, clear, tan minimal head ; Taste: medium sweetness, no bitterness ; palate: creamy, below average carbonation, medium body, short finish. A good beer, with very nice rum flavours, almost like sipping a good rum, but way more drinkable. I found it a very good beer to accompany mushroom omelette.checked  
225Affligem BlondeAffligem_Blonde.jpgAffligem / De Smedt (Heineken)Belgian AleBelgique6.703checkedApprouvée 712016-12 Aroma: Malt, cereal ; Appearance: clear golden, medium head ; Taste: medium sweetness, medium low bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, bitter short lasting finish. To me, this Affligem Blonde is the exact mid-range standard below which no beer should ever go (but sadly often do). It presents no outstanding quality nor any real flaw, and it's widely available in Europe, which makes for a good default beer in a bar/restaurant where nothing else drinkable is proposed. It is in a way, a reassuring, comforting beacon of relative equilibrium and common ground, in a perpetual moving world.checked  
224Piggy Fruit BasketPiggy_Fruit_Basket.jpgThe Piggy Brewing CompanySession IPAFrance4.804checkedApprouvée  2016-12 Aroma: acidic nose (lemon), lemon zest, lemon tart ; Appearance: very pale and hazy yellow, very high frothy head, a very beautiful beer in the glass ; Taste: very light sweetness, medium bitterness, lightly sour ; medium body, almost creamy, soft carbonation, slightly astringent, warm and slightly bitter aftertaste that evokes lemon and a hint of toast in the end. Overall a very sessionable, true-to-style session IPA. I think it would be a very good summer beer. Its only flaw is not being sufficiently aromatic. The lemon is indeed there, but it does lack some level of intensity imo.checked  
223BrewDog Santa pawsBrewdog_Santa_paws.jpgBrewDogBrown AleEcosse4.502checkedRejetée 592016-12 Santa paws 4.5% ; Aroma: chocolate, coffee, roasty ; Appearance: very dark brown, almost black, hazy, long lasting tan head that forms a kind of a mushroom with time, truly a beautiful beer in the tulip glass; Taste: medium bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, long slightly bitter finish. I wouldn't give this beer a high rating, but it is reasonably drinkable.checked  
222RZN City Ales La Vilaine IPAla-vilaine-ipa.jpgRZN City AlesEnglish IPABretagne6.703checkedA Retester  2016-12 Aroma: butterscotch or toffee ; Appearance: dark copper, minimal head ; Taste: medium to heavy sweetness, light to no bitterness ; palate: medium body, sticky feel, not very long finish, but similar to a sticky toffee. Average beer. I’ll re-test it sometime.checked  
221RZN City Ales Vieux CanalRZN_Vieux_Canal.jpgRZN City AlesPremium BitterBretagne5.704checkedApprouvée  2016-12 Aroma: bread, caramel, tangerine (on the tip of the tongue), crystallized honey smell, can't find the alcohol ; Appearance: dark reddish brown, no foam at all ; Taste: medium sweetness, no bitterness ; Palate: full body, very round texture, no carbonation at all, quite long finish, with clear notes of tangerine. Pretty good and ultra-drinkable beer. I suspect the fermentation was not fully complete, seeing how it lacked carbonation, but I do like it that way.checked  
220San Rocé Brunesan-roce-brune.jpgSan RocéStoutBretagne6.004checkedApprouvée  2016-12 Aroma: very dark chocolate, coffee (main flavour), roasty and a bit smoked, spices (clove), berries, slight alcohol presence ; Appearance: black, slightly hazy, no head and almost no carbonation ; Taste: light sweetness, lightly bitter ; Palate: light body, almost watery feel, pretty long roasted coffee finish. This is quite a good and very drinkable stout.checked  
219La Petite Cabane (blonde à l'érable)LaPetiteCabane-biere-blonde-erable.jpgLa Petite Cabane à Sucre de QuébecFruit BeerCanada5.504checkedApprouvée  2016-12Sirôp d'érableAroma: strong dominant Maple syrup flavour, caramel, some spice, banana ; Appearance: hazy copper, white foam (not long lasting) ; Taste: heavy sweetness, little to no bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, medium-short finish. A pretty good beer.checked  
218Boréale DoréeBor__ale_Dor__e.jpgBrasseurs du NordGolden AleCanada4.802checkedRejetée 142016-12 A generic but quite drinkable beer. It contains honey, seemingly, not much else to say that would be relevant... It doesn’t even have the excuse of being cheap. checked  
217La P’tite Cabane (Rousse à l’érable)LaPetiteCabane-erable.jpgLa Petite Cabane à sucre de QuébecFruit BeerCanada5.503checkedApprouvée  2016-12Sirop d'érableAroma: strong dominant Maple syrup flavour, caramel, some spice, banana ; Appearance: hazy copper/red, white foam (not long lasting) ; Taste: heavy sweetness, little to no bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, medium-short finish. A good beer.checked  
216Brewski PassionfeberBrewski_Passionfeber.jpgBrewskiIPASuède7.003checkedRejetée 932016-11Fruit de la passionPale yellow, clear, white non lasting foam ; medium bitterness, quite dry ; malt is not very noticeable, some spices, overripe orange ; faint passion fruit smell ; medium lasting bitterness in the end.checked  
215Buxton Axe EdgeBuxton_Axe_Edge.jpgBuxtonIPAAngleterre6.805checkedApprouvéechecked982016-12 Aroma: freshly cut grass, herbs, spices, pine bark, bitter orange ; Appearance: pale, golden/copper, clear, white foam ; Taste: medium to high bitterness ; Palate: full body, slightly oily / slightly creamy feel, average carbonation, a little bit astringent, long bitter finish. Overall a _very_ good beer. The bitterness is exactly the kind I like, the smell is long lasting, many volatile aromatic elements that stick for very long. 1st nose is especially pleasant, and followed by 1st sip that lives up to its promises. Don't be fooled by how clear it looks, this beer has an overwhelming aromatic power that makes it an instant favorite in my book.checked  
214BrewDog Jet Black HeartBrewDog_Jet_Black_Heart.jpgBrewDogMilk StoutEcosse4.704checkedApprouvée 952016-12 Aroma: Latte coffee, roasty, milk cream ; Appearance: black, hazy, minimal head ; Taste: medium sweetness, lightly bitter ; Palate: full body, creamy, soft carbonation, long finish. I did not dislike it, but neither did i like it that much. It is not my style of predilection. My wife, though, did like it and gave it a 4/5. checked  
213'T IJ ColumbusT_IJ_Columbus.jpgBrouwerij ’t IJBelgian Strong AlePays-Bas9.003checkedRejetée 872016-12 A lager that tastes like kinda belgian-style beer. It is neither bad nor very great. I think I sorta like it, but idk... meh.checked  
212Steam PunkGiffre_Bendorf_Steam_Punk.jpgLa Vallée du GiffreSmokedFrance7.102checkedRejetée  2016-11 Aroma: Smoke, peach, smoked fish (salmon, tuna, some white fish) ; Appearance: copper, hazy, minimal to no head ; Taste: light sweetness, medium bitterness, medium sourness, salty ; Palate: medium body, oily feel, soft carbonation, long finish with peach peel bitterness. Simply put: I don't like it, I think it has qualities, but it is simply not my taste. I think it tastes a bit like a smoked and salted version of a Punk IPA... kind of.checked  
211'T IJ Struist_IJ_Struis.jpgBrouwerij ’t IJBarley WinePays-bas9.005checkedApprouvée 942016-11 Aroma: chocolate biscuit, caramel, roasted coffee ; Appearance: very dark brown with very small tan head ; Taste: medium sweetness, mildly bitter ; Palate: full body, minimal aftertaste. Overall a very good barley wine. But "Lancelot Samain 11.1" is cheaper and almost exactly similar, and very easily found in my home town. So yes this beer is awesome, but I will go for the local cheaper equivalent.checked  
210Heelch O'HopsHeelch_O____Hops.jpgAnderson ValleyImperial IPACanada8.705checkedApprouvéechecked942016-11 Aroma: Biscuit, resin, spruce, citrus, pine needles, pine bark, forest mushroom, alcohol is really there too ; Appearance: pale, copper, hazy, white foam, full head ; light sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate: medium to full body, slick feel, average carbonation, bitter, long finish. Overall a very good and complex IPA, though not bitter enough for my own taste, it gives a pretty cool warmth down the throat (and a quick alcohol high too). Above all, this beer smells, tastes and feels like being in a forest. If I close my eyes while drinking it, i can easily imagine smelling the forest soil after a rain, feeling the bark of the trees, and hearing the sounds of the forest. It is a strange thing to say for a beer, and i was the first one to be surprised, but that is what I felt. - Should perfectly fit a mushroom and venaison meal, also.checked  
209Innis & Gunn OriginalInnis___Gunn_Original.jpgWellpark (Tennent Caledonian - C&C Group)English Strong AleEcosse6.603checkedApprouvée 532016-11Viellie en fûts de chêneAroma: caramel/ toffee malt, faint floral hops, oak wook and leaves, old whiskey or rum, pain d'épices (underneath) ; Appearance: clear amber, minimal head ; Taste: medium sweetness, very lightly bitter ; Palate: medium body, slightly oily feel, soft carbonation, not very long finish, a little bitterness at the end. A very scottish tasting beer that made me feel a little like I was drinking a light whiskey.checked  
208La Dilettante Les Vagabondes Nelson WitLa_Dilettante_Les_Vagabondes_Nelson_Wit.jpgLa DilettanteWitbeerBretagne4.503 A Retester  2016-11 Gusher, donc j'ai pas eu assez de quoi goûterchecked  
207la Vallée du Giffre Biere d’Automne Mosaicla_Valle_du_Giffre_Biere_dAutomne_Mosaic.jpgLa Vallée du GiffreAmerican Pale AleFrance4.604checkedRejetée  2016-11 Aroma: toast, citrus, herbs, strong nose of passion fruit ; Appearance: golden, hazy, white foam ; Taste: no sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate:medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, not long finish. Overall a good beer but not intense enough.checked  
206Tiny Rebel The Full NelsonTiny_Rebel_The_Full_Nelson.jpgTiny RebelAmerican Pale AlePays de Galles4.805checkedApprouvéechecked882016-11 Aroma: nose of lichee (+) and green apple (++) and white grape (++), then a bit of fresh bread, more grape and some mango ; Appearance: pale amber/orange, hazy, white persistent foam ; light sweetness, medium bitterness, some faint acidity ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, lively carbonation, bitter and sweet finish that lasts for less than a minute. Overall a very good beer, very refreshing and very aromatic. An instant favorite checked  
202Agent ProvocateurAgent_Provocateur.jpgCraig AllanBelgian AleFrance6.505checkedApprouvée 812016-11 Brewed at De Proefbrouwerijchecked  
201Alt. Sept 65 IIPA - SummitAlt-sept-65-summit.jpgLa Vallée du GiffreImperial IPAFrance8.003 A Retester  2016-11 A retester. Beaucoup d'amertume comme on s'attend de la part d'une IIPA. Pas eu le temps de déguster en détailchecked  
200Toccalmatto Zona Cesarinitoccalmatto-zona-cesarini-33cl_1.jpgBirrificio ToccalmattoIPAItalie6.604checkedApprouvée 982017-01 Aroma: resin, bread, berries ; Appearance: Clear blond, medium white head ; Taste: light sweetness, medium to high bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, bitter, long finish. The first italian beer I like. At last ! Overall a pretty good one.checked  
199La Rioule SimcoeLa_Rioule_Simcoe.jpgLa Vallée du GiffreIPAFrance5.804 Approuvée 902016-11 Mériterait peut-être un peu plus de 4. Bonne amertume de départ, herbe et pin, pain grillé, fin moyennement longue, amertume moyenne +checked  
198Arrogant Bastard AleArrogant_Bastard_Ale.jpgArrogant BrewingAmerican Strong AleUSA7.204 Approuvée 992016-11 Brewed at Stone Brewingchecked  
197Tricerat'hops Bière des hespéridesTriceratHops_Hesprides.jpgTri MartolodIPABretagne0.004 Approuvée  2016-11Brassin limité (Juillet 2016) checked  
196Erdinger Weissbier (Hefe-Weizen)Erdinger_Weissbier_Hefe-Weizen.jpgErdinger WeissbräuGerman HefeweizenAllemagne5.302 Rejetée 462016-11  checked  
195Brugse ZotBrugse_Zot.jpgHuisbrouwerij De Halve MaanBelgian AleBelgique6.002 Rejetée 562016-11 Banalechecked  
194Paumell Brune PorterPaumell_Brune_Porter.jpgBrasserie de la PaumellPorterFrance4.503 Approuvée  2016-11 Porter équilibrée, classique et facile d'accèschecked  
193Gouden Carolus HopsinjoorGouden_Carolus_Hopsinjoor.jpgBrouwerij Het AnkerBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.004checkedApprouvée 952016-11  checked  
192Bastarda RossaBastarda_Rossa.jpgBirra AmiataBelgian AleItalie6.502 Rejetée 462016-11 Trop gazeuse, banalechecked  
191Moor IllusionMoor_Illusion.jpgMoorBlack IPAAngleterre4.704 Approuvée 962016-11 Goût de café très présent. Amertume forte. Carbo faible. -V- approuve le 1er goût mais pas l'amertume. Moi les 2. Pourrait me faire aimer le café.checked  
190Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPASixpoint_Bengali_Tiger_IPA.jpgSixpointIPAUSA6.404 A Retester 932016-11  checked  
189BGP Azaka TonnerreAzaka_Tonnerre.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisBlack IPAFrance7.204 A Retester  2016-11 Chocolat, café. Goût torrefié et arôme houlbonné avec une amertume intéressante et une carbo moyenne. A retester.checked  
187Kentucky IPAkentucky_ipa.jpgAlltech Lexington Brewing And DistillingIPAUSA6.504 Approuvée 432016-10  checked  
186Mikkeller StatesideMikkeler_Stateside.jpgMikkellerIPADanemark6.904 Approuvée 972016-11  checked  
185Brooklyn Blast!Brooklyn-Blast.jpgBrooklyn BreweryImperial IPAUSA8.402 A Retester 952016-11  checked  
184Tripel KarmelietTripel_Karmeliet.jpgBrouwerij Bosteels (AB-InBev)Abbey TripelBelgique8.403 Approuvée 992016-10TripleTrop gazeuse, à part ça, rien de négatif, mais rien d'original non plus.checked  
183Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale AleHoptical-Illusion-Almost-Pale-Ale.jpgFlying MonkeysAmerican Pale AleCanada5.001 Rejetée 762016-10 Pas très intéressante, et très chèrechecked  
182Bevog DeetzBevog_Deetz.jpgBevogGolden AleAutriche4.804 Approuvée 692016-10  checked  
181BrewDog Electric India (5.2%)BrewDog-Electric-India-5_2.jpgBrewdogSaisonEcosse5.202 Rejetée 722016-10  checked  
180Omnipollo Bianca Blueberry Lassi GoseOmnipollo-Bianca-Blueberry-Lassi-Gose.jpgOmnipolloGoseSuède3.502 Rejetée 962016-10MyrtillePas assez de corps pour contrecarrer l'acidité et le sel. Odeur par contre très agréablechecked  
179Sixpoint ResinSixpoint_Resin.jpgSixpointImperial IPAUSA9.105 Approuvéechecked972016-10  checked  
178Opeth Communion Pale AleOpeth_Communion_Pale_Ale.jpgNorthern MonkAmerican Pale AleAngleterre5.103 Rejetée 882016-10 Brassée en collaboration avec Opeth. Leur ressemble bien.checked  
177BGP IPA Citra GalactiqueIPA_Citra_Galactique.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisIPAFrance6.503 Approuvée 942016-10  checked  
176Tiny Rebel CwtchTiny-rebel-cwtch.jpgTiny RebelAmber AlePays de Galles4.602 Rejetée 882016-10  checked  
175Je me souviens IPAJe_me_souviens_IPA.jpgBrasserie de la PaumellIPABretagne5.004 Approuvée     checked  
174tricerat'hops Crystaltricerathops-Crystal.jpgTri MartolodAmber Lager/ViennaBretagne6.002 Rejetée     checked  
172Coedo Shiro HefeweizenCoedo_Shiro_Hefeweizen.jpgKyodo Shoji KoedoGerman HefeweizenJapon5.504 Approuvée 43   checked  
171La Dilettante La FougueLa_Fougue.jpgLa DilettanteIPABretagne6.504 A Retester    Très intéressantechecked  
170La Dilettante La FlemmeLa-Flemme.jpgLa DilettanteAmerican Pale AleBretagne5.202 Rejetée    Bière de soif sans très grand intérêt. Rien de mauvais, mais rien de génial.checked  
169tricerat'hops colombustricerathops_colombus.jpgTri Martolod Bretagne6.004 A Retester    Pour l'instant ma préférée des Tricerat'hopschecked  
168La Dilettante La Fièvrela_Fivre.jpgLa DilettanteIrish Red AleBretagne6.004 Approuvée    A tester par Vérochecked  
167BrewDog Vagabond Pale AleBrewDog_Vagabond_Pale_Ale.jpgBrewdogAmerican Pale AleEcosse4.503 Rejetée 75 Sans gluten checked  
166Beavertown / Boneyard Bloody NotoriousBloody_Notorious.jpgBeavertownImperial IPAAngleterre9.104checkedA Retester 100 Orange sanguine checked  
165Bevog Kramah India Pale AleBevog_Kramah_India_Pale_Ale.jpgBevogIPAAutriche7.005 Approuvée 96  Très similaire à la Magic Rock Cannonballchecked  
164Beavertown LupuloidBeavertown_Lupuloid.jpgBeavertownIPAAngleterre6.705 Approuvéechecked98  Très aromatique et assez peu amère. Très bonne.checked  
160BrewDog Cocoa PsychoBrewDog_Cocoa_Psycho.jpgBrewdogImperial StoutÉcosse10.004 A Retester 99 ChocolatPour Vérochecked  
159Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPAFlying_Monkeys_Smashbomb_Atomic_IPA.jpgFlying MonkeysIPACanada6.005checkedApprouvéechecked96  Aroma: resin, spruce, grapefruit skin ; Appearance: golden, hazy, minimal head ; Taste: Almost no sweetness, very bitter but still reasonable (somewhat) ; Palate: full body, somewhat oily feel, average carbonation, very long finish ; Overall, this beer deserves its name. It is an explosion of hops power, with an overwhelming taste and aroma (and a great amount of it via retro-olfaction too). I would have almost sworn this was a DIPA. It is an understatement to say I like this beer. A shame I can only find it at V&B (which is an expensive place to buy beer)checked  
158Brooklyn East IPABrooklyn-East-IPA.jpgBrooklyn BreweryIPAUSA6.901 Rejetée 79  Overrated brewerychecked  
157Northern Monk HeathenNorthern-Monk-Heathen.jpgNorthern MonkIPAAngleterre7.205checkedApprouvée 932017-07 Aroma: overwhelming hop aromas, mango, pine, pineapple, resin, peppery,checked  
156BrewDog DogmaBrewDog-Dogma.jpgBrewDogScotch AleEcosse7.402 Rejetée 95  Très belle couleur, nez de café dilué. Bouche : léger acidulé suivi de café très dilué, allant sur le tabac froid. Très peu pétillantechecked  
155BrewDog Hardcore IPA (9.2%)BrewDog_Hardcore_IPA_9_2.jpgBrewDogImperial IPAEcosse9.203 A Retester 99  Nez torréfié, très forte amertume intense en bouche, peu fruitée, léger goût fuméchecked  
154Flying Dog Raging BitchFlying-Dog-Raging-Bitch.jpgFlying DogIPAUSA8.302 Rejetée 97   checked  
153Magic Rock RaptureMagic_Rock_Rapture.jpgMagic RockAmber AleAngleterre4.603 A Retester 91   checked  
152Saint-Louis IPASaint-Louis-IPA.jpgSaint-LouisIPAFrance5.801checkedRejetée 61 AmarilloSi c'est une IPA, je suis le pape.checked  
151Lancelot Blanche Hermine IPABlanche_Hermine_IPA.jpgLancelotIPABretagne5.503 Approuvée     checked  
150'T IJ IPAT_IJ_IPA.jpgBrouwerij ’t IJIPAPays-Bas7.004checkedApprouvée 922016-12 Aroma: Pine cone, resin, some hint of caramel, maybe licorice (but I'm not totally sure); Appearance: pale, copper, clear, minimal white head ; Taste: very bitter, light sweetness ; Palate: medium body, oily feel, average carbonation, long bitter finish. Overall, a good beer, but too much on the resin side, and quite monolithic on it imo.checked  
149Spencer Trappist AleSpencer_Trappist_Ale.jpgSpencerBelgian AleUSA6.504checkedApprouvée 90   checked  
148Magic Rock High WireMagic_Rock_High_Wire.jpgMagic RockAmerican Pale AleAngleterre5.504checkedApprouvée 942016-11 Aroma: Spruce, resin, grapefruit, sandy beach, hint of carrot ; Appearance: golden and hazy, white steady head ; Taste: Medium bitterness, slight acidity, no sweetness ; Palate: average carbonation, full body, slick feel, not very long slightly bitter finish ; Overall a very drinkable beer, and a quite good onechecked  
147BrewDog KingpinBrewdog_Kingpin.jpgBrewdogPremium LagerEcosse4.703 Approuvée 43  Lager au dessus du lot,mais une lager quand-même.checked  
146JudasJudas.jpgBrouwerijen Alken-Maes (Heineken)Belgian Strong AleBelgique8.504 Rejetée 52   checked  
145Summer OdditySummer_Oddity.jpgLa DébauchesaisonFrance6.504 Approuvée   Concombre checked  
143Magic Rock Salty KissSalty_Kiss.jpgMagic RockGoseAngleterre4.103 Approuvée 83   checked  
142Uiltje BCC: PorterUiltje_BCC_Porter.jpgUiltjeImperial PorterPays-bas8.203 Rejetée 98 Café, Noix de coco checked  
141Lervig Brewers Reserve Galaxy IPA Single HoppedLervig_Brewers_Reserve_Galaxy_IPA_Single_Hopped.jpgLervigIPANorvège6.505 A Retester 89  Amertume très présente. Arômes de fruits exotiques facilement détectableschecked  
140BrewDog Punk IPA (5.6%)BrewDog_Punk_IPA_5_6.jpgBrewDogIPAEcosse5.605checkedApprouvéechecked97  Remplace la version 6% Aroma: floral, citrus, lichee, grapefruit ; Appearance: clear golden, minimal head; Taste: medium bitterness ; Palate: light body, thin feel, average carbonation, slightly bitter finish. A good refreshing beer for all occasions, and also a good entry point in the craft beer world. Available in some supermarkets in France (Carrefour and sometimes Casino).checked  
139Goudale IPAGoudale-IPA.jpgLes Brasseurs De Gayant (Saint-Omer)Belgian AleFrance7.001checkedRejetée 22  1er nez : Pils. Bonne prise de mousse, belle couleur. Mais dégueulasse.checked  
138Vedett Extra Ordinary IPAVedett_Extra_Ordinary_IPA.jpgDuvel MoortgatIPABelgique5.503 Approuvée 65  Trop similaire à la Duvel Triple Hops. Pas vraiment un gros intérêtchecked  
137Stone IPAStone-IPA.jpgStoneIPAAllemagne6.902 Rejetée    Trop amère sans contrepartie suffisante. Écoeurante. Bonne fin de bouche.checked  
136De Dochter van de Korenaar Belle-Fleur IPABelle-Fleur_IPA.jpgDe Dochter van de KorenaarIPABelgique6.005 Approuvée 96   checked  
135Gulden DraakGulden_Draak.jpgBrouwerij Van SteenbergeBelgian Strong AleBelgique98.005checkedApprouvéechecked98   checked  
134Parisis IPA sous SénartParisis_IPA_sous_Snart.jpgParisisIPAFrance7.604 Approuvée 92  Assez amère et forte, le nez fait bonne impression à l'ouverture de la bouteille.checked  
133De Dochter van de Korenaar Crime PassionnelCrime_Passionnel.jpgDe Dochter van de KorenaarIPABelgique7.503 A Retester 97   checked  
132Westmalle TripelWestmalle_Tripel.jpgBrouwerij der Trappisten van WestmalleAbbey TripelBelgique9.504 A Retester 99   checked  
131Mor Braz AmbréeMor_Braz_Ambre.jpgMor BrazSpice/Herb/VegetableBretagne6.003 A Retester 21 Eau de mer checked  
130Ouroboros Hopus DeiOuroboros_Hopus_Dei.jpgOuroborosEnglish Pale AleFrance4.503 A Retester     checked  
129Lancelot Duchesse Anne Triple HopsDuchesse_Anne_Triple_Hops.jpgLancelotIPABretagne7.503 Rejetée 68   checked  
128Brew By Numbers 01/01 Saison - CitraBrew_By_Numbers_01_01_Saison_-_Citra.jpgBrew By NumbersSaisonAngleterre5.803 Approuvée 90 EpicesRessemble à la Barbar, mais en mois alcoolisée.checked  
127BrewDog Dead Pony ClubBrewdog_Dead_Pony_Club.jpgBrewDogSession IPAEcosse3.805checkedApprouvéechecked892016-12 Aroma: grapefruit, lemon zest, tropical fruits; Appearance: pale clear copper, minimal white head ; Taste: light sweetness, medium bitterness ; palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, medium-long finish with fruit notes topping the reasonable bitterness. Overall a very good session IPA, I could drink it all year round.checked  
126BrewDog Nanny StateBrewdog-Nanny-State.jpgBrewDogLow AlcoholEcosse0.503checkedRejetée 27 Bière sans alcoolGoût d'eau, amère, tannique, manque de corps sous-jacent EDIT: Aroma: spicy like a soft Dead Pony Club, stonefruit, oatmeal or similar ; Appearance: clear, dark red, white semi persistent head ; Taste: very bitter, no sweetness ; Palate: watery, very flat and monochromatic, no warmth (obviously), low carbonation, medium long finish. A good try for a somewhat disappointing result. It'd go well with juice. 2;3.5;3;1.5=>2.8checked  
125Wild Beer Madness IPAWild_Beer_Madness_IPA.jpgWild BeerIPAAngleterre6.803 Rejetée 97  Peu intéressantechecked  
124Wild Beer FreshWild_Beer_Fresh.jpgWild BeerAmerican Pale AleAngleterre5.503 Rejetée 90  Peu intéressantechecked  
123Moor ConfidenceMoor_Confidence.jpgMoorAmber AleAngleterre4.605 Approuvée 87  Amertume agréable, notes d'agrumes.checked  
122Lervig Brewers Reserve Oat IPALervig_Brewers_Reserve_Oat_IPA.jpgLervigIPANorvège7.205 Approuvée 92  Amertume très agréable, nez de fruits exotiques.checked  
121Evil Twin Modern IPAEvil_Twin_Modern_IPA.jpgEvil Twin BrewingIPAUSA6.005 Approuvée 92  Arômes d'agrumes très présents, amertume très agréable.checked  
120HvergelmirHvergelmir.jpgOuroborosImperial IPAFrance9.502 Rejetée    Pas très bonnechecked  
119BrewDog 5 A.M. SaintBrewDog_5_A_M__Saint.jpgBrewDogAmber AleEcosse5.004 A Retester 94  Top 50 Ratebeerchecked  
118Lervig Lucky JackLucky_Jack.jpgLervigAmerican Pale AleNorvège4.704checkedApprouvée 77  APA très classique. Sans surprise, mais sans défaut.checked  
117Omnipollo Magic #3.5 - Pineapple GoseMagic_3_5_-_Pineapple_Gose.jpgOmnipolloGoseSuède3.503 Approuvée 88  Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij. Très frais, acidité surprenante, notes de citron, difficile de trouver l'ananas. Bière à boire par temps chaud.checked  
116BGP Nice To Meet You!Nice_To_Meet_You.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisImperial IPAFrance8.505checkedApprouvéechecked88 5 variétés de houblonRare, Nez d'agrumes très présent, forte amertume agréable et longue en bouche. Bière forte à la fois en gout et en alcool, n'accepte pas facilement de concurrence après elle.checked  
115Tempest Marmalade on RyeMarmalade-on-Rye.jpgTempestImperial IPAEcosse9.002 Rejetée 97 Orange / GingembreV - Approved ; Goût gingembre trop encombrantchecked  
114Mélusine A l’AvenA_lAven.jpgMélusineSpice/Herb/VegetableBretagne5.003 Approuvée 16 Chanvre checked  
113BrewDog Ace of SimcoeBrewdog_Ace_of_Simcoe.jpgBrewDogSession IPAEcosse4.504 Approuvée 81   checked  
112OrvalOrval.jpgBrasserie d'OrvalBelgian AleBelgique6.202checkedRejetée 99  Largement surévaluéechecked  
110LunetteLunette.jpgPleine LuneWitbierFrance5.403 A Retester 48 Sorachi Ace checked  
109Gens de la LuneGens-de-la-Lune.jpgPleine LunePale LagerFrance4.902 Rejetée 39   checked  
108HopHopHop ! CitraHopHopHop_Citra.jpgCorrézienneIPAFrance6.004 A Retester 82   checked  
107BrewDog Jack HammerBrewDog_Jack_Hammer.jpgBrewDogIPAEcosse7.003 A Retester 98   checked  
106BGP Citron GivréCitron_Givr.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisIPAFrance7.004 A Retester     checked  
105Magic Rock CannonballMagic_Rock_Cannonball.jpgMagic RockIPAAngleterre7.405checkedApprouvéechecked96  Début : doux avec nez de fruits exotiques et d'orange. Très claires notes de pamplemousse blanc. Amertume importante et agréablement persistante. Fin : relative amertume (peut-être légèrement trop), houblon et zeste de pamplemousse.checked  
104Black Isle Organic PorterBlack_Isle_Organic_Porter.jpgBlack IslePorterEcosse4.003 A Retester 63  Arômes puissants de chocolat très noir et de caféchecked  
103Bière du CorbeauBiere-du-Corbeau.jpgBrouwerij RomanBelgian Strong AleBelgique9.001checkedRejetée 36  Dégueulassechecked  
102Skumenn Amber AleSkumenn-amber-ale.jpgSkumennAmber AleBretagne5.502 Rejetée     checked  
101Skumenn Rye India Pale AleSkumenn_Rye_India_Pale_Ale.jpgSkumennIPABretagne6.003 Rejetée     checked  
100Skumenn Pale AleSkumenn_Pale_Ale.jpgSkumennAmerican Pale AleBretagne5.003 Rejetée     checked  
99Outland HomeOutland_Home.jpgOutlandAmerican Pale AleFrance5.004 Approuvée 78   checked  
98Brew By Numbers 11/03 MosaicBrew_By_Numbers_11_03_Mosaic.jpgBrew By NumbersSession IPAAngleterre3.804 Approuvée 96   checked  
97L'HumulupucienneLHumulupucienne.jpgL'AgrivoiseSaisonFrance3.004 Approuvée 87   checked  
96Goldeneye Pale AleGoldeneye_Pale_Ale.jpgBlack IsleGolden AleEcosse5.603 A Retester 70   checked  
95Britt Rousse AmbréeBritt_Rousse_Ambre.jpgBrittSmokedBretagne5.403 Approuvée 36 Fuméefabriquée avec du malt à whiskeychecked  
94Dremmwel Blonde BioDremmwel-Blonde-Bio.jpgBrittGolden AleBretagne5.002 Rejetée 16   checked  
93Britt RoséeBritt-Rosee.jpgBrittFruit BeerBretagne3.002 Rejetée   Fraise checked  
92Flying Dog Easy IPAFlying_Dog_Easy_IPA.jpgFlying DogSession IPAUSA4.705 Approuvée 87   checked  
91Sant Erwann IPASant-Erwann-IPA.jpgBrittIPABretagne7.002 Rejetée     checked  
90Mélusine La Bière nantaiseLa-biere-nantaise.jpgMélusine France5.602 Rejetée     checked  
89Flying Dog Pale AleFlying_Dog_Pale_Ale.jpgFlying DogAmerican Pale AleUSA5.503 A Retester 69   checked  
88Coedo RuriCoedo-Ruri.jpgKyodo Shoji KoedoPilsenerJapon5.002 Rejetée 23   checked  
87Snake Dog IPASnake_Dog_IPA.jpgFlying DogIPAUSA7.105 Approuvéechecked89  Amertume très prononcée, mais relativement agréablechecked  
86Budweiser Budvar B:Original (Czechvar)Budweiser_Budvar_B_Original_Czechvar.jpgBudějovický BudvarCzech Pilsner (Světlý)République tchèque5.003 A Retester 48   checked  
85Gayant Abbaye de LyreGayant_Abbaye_de_Lyre.jpgLes Brasseurs De Gayant (Saint-Omer)Bière de GardeFrance6.503 Approuvée    Vendue chez Nettochecked  
81Pauwel KwakPauwel_Kwak.jpgBrouwerij Bosteels (AB-InBev)Belgian Strong AleBelgique8.405 Approuvée 93   checked  
80Lindemans GueuzeLindemans-Gueuze.jpgBrouwerij LindemansLambic Style - GueuzeBelgique5.002 Rejetée 55   checked  
79Hoegaarden JuliusHoegaarden_Julius.jpgHoegaarden (InBev)Belgian Strong AleBelgique8.503 A Retester 66   checked  
78Kurohime Musashino BeerKurohime-Musashino-Beer.jpgKurohimeAmber AleJapon5.00  Rejetée 33 DégueulasseGoût prononcé de pissechecked  
75Sayuri Nigori SakeSayuri_Nigori_Sake.jpgHakutsuru Sake Brewing Co.Saké - NigoriJapon12.504 Approuvée 88 Saké    
74St Feuillien TripleSt_Feuillien_Triple.jpgBrasserie St-Feuillien / FriartBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.505 A Retester 97   checked  
73Chimay BleueChimay_Bleue.jpgChimayBelgian Strong AleBelgique9.004 Approuvée 100   checked  
71Delirium NocturnumDelirium_Nocturnum.jpgBrouwerij HuygheBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.504 A Retester 92   checked  
70Delirium TremensDelirium_Tremens.jpgBrouwerij HuygheBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.504 Approuvée 94  Best beer in the world 1998checked  
69Barbãr Winter BokBarbar_Winter_Bok.jpgBrasserie LefèbvreBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.503 Approuvée 89  Gustativement en deçà de la Barbãr classiquechecked  
68O'Hara's Irish StoutOHaras-Irish-Stout.jpgCarlowDry StoutIrlande4.302 Rejetée 77  V - Approvedchecked  
67Chouffe N'IceChouffe_N_Ice.jpgBrasserie d’Achouffe (Duvel-Moortgat)Belgian Strong AleBelgique10.003 A Retester 98 Bière de Noël checked  
66Pilsner UrquellPilsner-Urquell.jpgPlzensky Prazdroj (SABMiller)Czech Pilsner (Světlý)République Tchèque4.401checkedRejetée 63  Banale, voire carrément médiocre, arrière goût de piedschecked  
65GriffonGriffon.jpgMcAuslan (Brasseurs RJ)Brown AleCanada4.502 Rejetée 43   checked  
64Löwenbräu OriginalLowenbrau-Original.jpgLöwenbräu Munich (InBev)Dortmunder/HellesAllemagne5.202 Rejetée 14   checked  
63Delirium RedDelirium-Red.jpgBrouwerij HuygheFruit beerBelgique8.002 Rejetée 39 CeriseCerise (beuark !)checked  
62O'Hara's Irish Pale AleOHaras_Irish_Pale_Ale.jpgCarlowAmerican Pale AleIrlande5.203 Rejetée 60   checked  
61St Feuillien Grand CruSt_Feuillien_Grand_Cru.jpgBrasserie St-Feuillien / FriartBelgian Strong AleBelgique9.503 Rejetée 93  Banalechecked  
60Mont des CatsMont_des_Cats.jpgMont des CatsTrappisteFrance7.603 Rejetée 84  Brassée par Chimaychecked  
59Tre Fontane TripelTre-Fontane-Tripel.jpgAbbazia delle Tre FontaneAbbey TripelItalie8.502 Rejetée 56 EucalyptusBière italienne très banale, comme beaucoup trop de bières italienneschecked  
58Lindemans Cassis LambicLindemans_Cassis_Lambic.jpgBrouwerij LindemansLambic Style - FruitBelgique3.504 Approuvée 82 Cassis checked  
57Delirium NoëlDelirium_Nol.jpgBrouwerij HuygheBelgian Strong AleBelgique10.004 Approuvée 95 Bière de Noël checked  
56Floris PassionFloris_Passion.jpgBrouwerij HuygheFruit beerBelgique3.604 Approuvée 12 Fruit de la passionGoût de fruit de la passion très important, éclipsant presque celui de la bièrechecked  
55Floris AppleFloris_Apple.jpgBrouwerij HuygheFruit beerBelgique3.604 Approuvée 16 PommeGoût de pomme très important, éclipsant presque celui de la bièrechecked  
54Mongozo CoconutMongozo_Coconut.jpgBrouwerij HuygheFruit beerBelgique3.604 Approuvée 4 Noix de cocoGoût de noix de coco très important, éclipsant presque celui de la bièrechecked  
53Floris FraiseFloris_Fraise.jpgBrouwerij HuygheFruit beerBelgique3.604 Approuvée 15 FraiseGoût de fraise très important, éclipsant presque celui de la bièrechecked  
52Duvel Triple Hop 2015Duvel_Triple_Hop_2015.jpgDuvel MoortgatBelgian Strong AleBelgique9.505 Approuvée 94 3 houblonsMillésiméechecked  
51Lancelot XI.ILancelot_XI_I.jpgLancelotBarley WineBretagne11.105checkedApprouvéechecked96 Bière de SamainMillésiméechecked  
50BarbãrBarbar.jpgBrasserie LefèbvreBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.005checkedApprouvéechecked81 MielSaveur épicée et de mielchecked  
49Bush ambréeBush_ambre.jpgDubuissonBelgian Strong AleBelgique12.003 A Retester 86   checked  
48Trois PistolesTrois_Pistoles.jpgUnibroue (Sapporo)Abt/QuadrupelCanada9.003 A Retester 99   checked  
47Saint GraalSaint_Graal.jpgBrasserie St-Feuillien / FriartBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.003 Rejetée 48  Banale et trop amèrechecked  
46HapkinHapkin.jpgBrouwerijen Alken-Maes (Heineken)Belgian Strong AleBelgique8.503 Rejetée 73   checked  
45Brooklyn LagerBrooklyn_Lager.jpgBrooklyn BreweryAmber Lager/ViennaUSA5.203 Rejetée 85   checked  
44Hitachino Nest Red Rice AleHitachino_Nest_Red_Rice_Ale.jpgKiuchi (Hitachino)Specialty GrainJapon7.004 A Retester 49 Riz rougeSaveur de riz bien présentechecked  
43Chimay RougeChimay_Rouge.jpgChimayAbbey DubbelBelgique7.004 A Retester 98  douce et sucréechecked  
41Gouden Carolus ChristmasGouden_Carolus_Christmas.jpgBrouwerij Het AnkerBelgian Strong AleBelgique10.505 A Retester 99 Bière de Noël checked  
40Corsendonk RousseCorsendonk_Rousse.jpgBrasserie du BocqBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.005 A Retester 44   checked  
39Bloemen BierBloemen_Bier.jpgDe ProefbrouwerijBelgian AleBelgique7.005 A Retester 47 Fleurs checked