IDNomImageProducteurStyleOrigineTx AlcoolNoteSaisie sur RatebeerStatutFavoriteScore RatebeerDateArome / SpécialitéCommentairesBièreScore BeerAdvocateSaisie sur BeerAdvocate
395La Dilettante New England IPA - N°9La_Dilettante_New_England_IPA_Num9.jpgLa DilettanteNEIPABretagne5.505 Approuvéechecked 2017-10 #9 Neipa Mosaic x El dorado x N.Sauvin Neipa Aroma: fantastic tropical fruity smell, yeasty, hop spices, Appearance: opaque hazy pale orange, minimal white head ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium sweetness, maybe umami, spicy sour-ish Palate: medium body, medium low carbonation, long yeast and spice persistence Delicious. 4.5;4.5;4.5;4.5=>5 Favchecked  
386La Nébuleuse Hold HopLa_N__buleuse_Hold_Hop.jpgLa NébuleuseImperial IPASuisse8.005checkedApprouvéechecked 2017-09 Aroma: fruity, juicy, hint of grapefruit peel, hint of pineapple, stone fruits, spicy ; Appearance: pale yellow, hazy, high white head ; Taste: high bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: full body, creamy, low carbonation, lasting bitter finish, nice warmth (medium low) 4;5;4.5;4.5=>4.5checked  
376Sulauze barley wineSulauze_barley_wine.jpgBrasserie de SulauzeBarley WineFrance10.505 Approuvéechecked 2017-07 Aroma: fire wood, chocolate, a tiny bit of smoke, herbs, spices, apple, brandy/porto ; Appearance: dark brown ; Taste: low bitterness, medium+ sweetness ; Palate: full-esque body, medium carbonation, warm like a welcoming hearth and that lasts long near the heart. Very good one. A nap near a fireplace on a cold rainy autumn afternoon is what is closest to this beer. 4.5;4;4;4=>5 favchecked  
367Brewdog TokyoBrewdog_Tokyo.jpgBrewdogImperial StoutEcosse16.505 Approuvéechecked982017-09EisbockAroma: vanilla, licorice, brandy, flowers, cranberry, lemon, orange stew, light coffee ; Appearance: black, medium tan head ; Taste: low bitterness, medium sweetness, light sourness ; Palate: fullest body, low carbonation but kinda fizzy, medium alcoholic warmth. Eisbock. 16.5%. Cranberry, vanilla and jasmine added. Closer to a barley wine than a stout. 4;5;4;4.8==>4.5 Very good but a bit overpriced.checked  
366Brewski Coffee snout juiceBrewski_Coffee_snout_juice.jpgBrewskiImperial StoutSuède11.505 Approuvéechecked972017-07CaféAroma: coffee, vanilla underground flavour, licorice, peach ; Appearance: black, minimal tan head ; Taste: lightly acidic, low coffee bitterness, medium low sweetness ; Palate: amazing mouth coating, tongue engulfing feeling, somewhat astringeant, creamy texture, medium carbonation, long complex finish. Hard to put words on this. 4.5;5;5;5=>5 favchecked  
356Brewdog Rye HammerBrewdog_Rye_Hammer.jpgBrewdog Ecosse7.205 Approuvéechecked882017-06 Aroma: apricot, pineapple, distinct white grapefruit, a bit of pear, rye bread, grapefruit peel ; Appearance: - can - Taste: high bitterness, low sweetness; Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, alcoholic warmth is present, rough feel, long white grapefruit aftertaste. Damn this beer is good. IMO even better than Jack Hammer! This one is a tough one, not for just anyone to drink and enjoy. 4.5;?;5;5=>5 Favchecked  
353Ferox IPAFerox_IPA.jpgOuche NanonIPAFrance 5 Approuvéechecked 2017-06 Aroma: strawberry bubblegum, grape peel, grapefruit, lemon, a bit of licorice, brioche, Appearance: pale hazy copperyellow-orange, abundant white foam (moderately persistent) ; Taste: medium high bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: full body, medium high carbonation, creamy, long lasting bitterness. A very good beer, and organic. 4;4.8;4.5;4.5=>5 Fav checked  
352Brewdog Semi skimmed OccultistBrewDog_Semi_-_Skimmed_Occultist.jpgBrewdogSweet StoutEcosse8.005 Approuvéechecked952017-06 Aroma: coffee, chocolate, cognac, licorice, spicy, biscuit ; Appearance: black, tan rocky head, non persistent ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium high sweetness, light sourness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, a bit astringeant. Very good beer. 5;5;4.5;4=>4.8 V checked  
332Le Trou du Diable Dubaï PilléeDubai_Pill__e.jpgLe Trou du DiableImperial IPACanada9.005 Approuvéechecked922017-05 Aroma: apricot, mango, passion, bread/biscuit, a bit dank. Appearance: lightly troubled copper before yeast drop), medium sized white head, average persistence ; Taste: medium low bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: low carbonation, full body, average mouth persistence, warmth in second mouth, kinda creamy. Very nice sweet (not in sugary sense) beer. Gives me kind of a regressive pleasure :-) Even better (juicier somehow) after yeast drop. Name and illustration is so great and wtf 3.8;3;4;4.5=>4.5 fav checked  
330BGP Le grand pari - exp 431 CascadeLes_Brasseurs_du_Grand_Paris_Le_Grand_Pari.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisIPAFrance6.505 Approuvéechecked 2017-05 Aroma: passion fruit, grapefruit, floral notes, pine resin, a bit dank ; Appearance: golden, almost clear, minimal white head ; Taste: high bitterness, medium sweetness ; Palate: creamy, low carbonation, medium+ body, persistent on the palate, bitterness comes on second mouth. Overall a very good fruity beer. A bit high on the bitterness side, but quite balanced. 4;4;3.8;4.5=>4.5 Favchecked  
329Naparbier Avant Garde 2016Naparbier_Avant_Garde_2016.jpgNaparbierBarley WineEspagne12.005 Approuvéechecked982017-05 Aroma: rum, cognac, rock candy, hints of dark chocolate, floral, porto, oak barrel Appearance: dark brown, almost no head Taste: low bitterness, sweet Palate: full body with an almost creamy backbone This beer is just fantastic! So much depth and complexity, such a delelopped palate and nose! Just wow. Full 5. Fav. V approved.checked  
310Vocation Life and DeathVocation_Life_and_Death.jpgVocation BreweryIPAAngleterre6.505checkedApprouvéechecked962017-04 Aroma: fantastic smell (in the likes of Brewski Conan), tropical, biscuit, tangerine stew, peach ; Appearance: light golden orange, hazy, minimal white non lasting head ; Taste: very bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body with an important malty backbone, creamy, soft carbonation ; Overall a very good one. Exactly the kind of beers I like checked  
298Parisis IPArisisIPArisis.jpgParisisIPAFrance6.205checkedApprouvéechecked902017-03 Aroma: peach, biscuit, rock candy, resin, that "good ipa smell I like but can't define". Appearance: clear copper. Minimal white head, non persistent. Taste: medium sweetness, medium to high bitterness. Palate: medium to full body, low carbonation, medium long and bitter finish. 5/5 Very good and fav.checked  
295Naparbier Alien klawNaparbier_Alien_klaw.jpgNaparbierIPAEspagne6.805checkedApprouvéechecked902017-03 Aroma: Banana and apricot from the yeast, black bread, herbal notes from the hops, peach. Yeast is upfront like in some triples. Appearance: Pale yellow, clear, white non persistent minimal head. Palate: Creamy full body, low carbonationl yeast persistence in the end, with herbal hoppy bitterness on the sides of the mouth. As far as Bipa go, this one is a really good one. It is the proud offspring of American IPAs and belgian triples. That, I do like.checked  
288Cloudwater / Mont Salève Pétillant Naturel HoublonnéeCloudwater_Mont_Sal__ve_P__tillant_Naturel_Houblonn__e.jpgCloudwater / Mont SalèveSaisonAngleterre12.005checkedApprouvéechecked782017-05 Aroma: lemon, orange, grapes, tropical fruits salad ; Appearance: pale hazy yellow, minimal head (white, non persistent) ; Taste: very low bitterness, medium sweetness, some delicate sourness ; Palate: medium body, medium carbonation, low persistence. Wah. This beer is one pack of flavours. I do like it very very much. The comparison with a "hopped Champagne" is well earned. KUDOS Cloudwater & Brasserie du Mont Salève. This is great work! checked  
282Magic Rock Human CannonballMagic_Rock_Brewing_-_Human_Cannonball.jpgMagic RockImperial IPAAngleterre9.205checkedApprouvéechecked992017-04 Aroma: peppery, piney, mango, tropical fruits, some citrus, rock candy ; Appearance: murky brown, minimal white head ; Taste: relatively high bitterness that takes time to develop, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, very long lingering finish. All the above in a kinda dampened version of the Unhuman Cannonball. The alcohol is well hidden, maybe too well. A great beer, but taste the bigger sister and you'll know what I mean.checked  
280Magic Rock Unhuman CannonballUnhuman_Cannonball.jpgMagic RockImperial IPAAngleterre11.005checkedApprouvéechecked992017-04 Aroma: peppery, piney, mango, tropical fruits, some citrus, rock candy ; Appearance: murky brown, minimal white head ; Taste: relatively high bitterness that takes time to develop, medium sweetness ; Palate: full body, low carbonation, very long lingering finish. F_ing greatest beer ever.checked  
277Magic Rock InhalerMagic_Rock_Inhaler.jpgMagic RockSession IPAAngleterre4.505checkedApprouvéechecked952017-02 Aroma: pine, tropical, fruity, floral, orange, grapefruit aftertaste, burnt toast ; Appearance: orange brown, white medium-sized non persistent head ; Taste: medium to high bitterness, light sweetness ; Palate: medium to full body, average carbonation, long bitter finish. Overall a great beer.checked  
272Beavertown Lupuloid0904507a539d14ccd2029c3b9a843f6b_Beavertown_Lupuloid.jpgBeavertownIPAAngleterre6.705checkedApprouvéechecked972017-02 Aroma: hoppy, very hoppy, hints of tropical fruits, hints of pine ; Appearance: hazy gold, minimal white head ; Taste: medium bitterness, low sweetness ; Palate: medium body, creamy, average to low carbonation, short finish. A very good beer. Very straightforward, not the deepest and most complex one, but very good in what it does.checked  
264Brewski BarbarianBrewski_Barbarian.jpgBrewskiIPASuède6.005checkedApprouvéechecked972017-01LactoseAroma: amazing smell that I have trouble describing (other than "WTF ?!"), cookie dough, lemon meringue pie, rock candy, some far hints of pine, berries, tropical fruits ; Appearance: hazy hellow, medium (white) head ; Taste: medium/high sweetness, medium/low bitterness ; Palate: full body, mouthful impression, bitter finish with a lasting mouthful of flavours. Once again, Brewski blew my tastebuds, with unexplainable flavours, and a strong yummy taste. I don't know what to say other than wow !checked  
256Beerbliotek / Cervisiam Not Guilty! The OJ IPABeerbliotek-Cervisiam-Not-Guilty-The-OJ-IPA.jpgBeerbliotekIPASuède7.505checkedApprouvéechecked902017-01Zeste d'orangeAroma: pine cone smell, toast, pine cone, peach, peach peel, orange stew mouthful, orange peel ; Appearance: cloudy brown, minimal white head, not persistent ; medium sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate: medium to full body, average carbonation, dry ending full of notes of orange peel. A very good one.checked  
255O’Clock Coffee Stout ToujoursOClock_Coffee_Stout_Toujours.pngO’ClockCoffee StoutFrance6.505checkedApprouvéechecked 2017-01Grains de caféAroma: coffee, cereals ; Appearance: black, cloudy, minimal head ; Taste: medium high bitterness, medium light sweetness ; Palate: full body, slick feel, soft carbonation, long finish with coffee flavours and bitterness. overall : at least a modern stout with body ! I am not a huge fan of coffee (which this particular beer packs a lot), but I can say I did like that one. A great beer.checked  
241Brewski Conan DIPABrewski_Conan_DIPA.jpgBrewskiImperial IPASuède8.005checkedApprouvéechecked992017-01 Aroma: peach, tangerine, nuts, candy sugar on the tip of the tongue, and something I don't know (wow !) ; Appearance : Pale yellow, hazy, minimal head, white foam ; Taste: light sweetness, light to medium bitter ; Palate: fullest of full bodies, creamy texture, soft carbonation, bitter, long finish with candy sugar on top of tangerine/peach skin bitterness. This beer is freaking awesome, I bought it because of the name, and wasn't expecting anything at all. At the first sip I simply couldn't understant what was happening : woowww ! Do not expect resin driven flavours, like in any other DIPA. This is completely unexpected, and I still can't fully process the awesomeness of it. Just. Wow ! I need to buy another one. I just need to.checked  
236BrewDog Ace of Citrabrewdog-ace-of-citra.jpgBrewDogSession IPAEcosse4.505checkedApprouvéechecked782017-01 Aroma: Biscuit, Resin, grapefruit ; Appearance: clear golden, white head ; Taste: light sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, bitter long finish. Overall a great single hop session IPA, and a very good beer.checked  
230La BorDée Lorient AleLa_BorDe_Lorient_Ale.jpgLa BorDéeBelgian AleBretagne5.505checkedApprouvéechecked 2016-12Kari GosseAroma: spicy smell similar to some spicy white beers, slightly acidic taste, granny smith, physalis, spice (Kari gosse); Appearance: cloudy golden, medium head ; Taste: low sweetness, low bitterness, medium sourness ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, a bit astringent long finish with acidic evaporating flavours on the tip of the tongue. The kari gosse is a spice blend invented in Lorient more than a century ago. It gives this beer a warm and spicy long lasting aftertaste. Overall a very flavourful and enjoyable beer.checked  
228RZN City Ales La BagoulRZN_Bagoul.jpgRZN City AlesPorterBretagne5.705checkedApprouvéechecked 2016-12 Aroma: coffee, dried fruit (grape, apricot), yeast ; Appearance: slightly hazy black, no head ; Taste: lightly bitter, medium sweetness ; Palate: light to medium body, slick feel, a bit creamy, flat carbonation, medium-long finish, with notes of dried fruits evaporating from the tongue and a bit of bitterness. Overall a great beer. To date the best porter I have ever tried. And it is local (and hence cheap !). It is very deep, complex and flavourful, and lacks only a bit of stength (a bit too light a body in my opinion), but it is not much of a real issue as I am sure the beer will improve with the brewer's experience.checked  
215Buxton Axe EdgeBuxton_Axe_Edge.jpgBuxtonIPAAngleterre6.805checkedApprouvéechecked982016-12 Aroma: freshly cut grass, herbs, spices, pine bark, bitter orange ; Appearance: pale, golden/copper, clear, white foam ; Taste: medium to high bitterness ; Palate: full body, slightly oily / slightly creamy feel, average carbonation, a little bit astringent, long bitter finish. Overall a _very_ good beer. The bitterness is exactly the kind I like, the smell is long lasting, many volatile aromatic elements that stick for very long. 1st nose is especially pleasant, and followed by 1st sip that lives up to its promises. Don't be fooled by how clear it looks, this beer has an overwhelming aromatic power that makes it an instant favorite in my book.checked  
210Heelch O'HopsHeelch_O____Hops.jpgAnderson ValleyImperial IPACanada8.705checkedApprouvéechecked942016-11 Aroma: Biscuit, resin, spruce, citrus, pine needles, pine bark, forest mushroom, alcohol is really there too ; Appearance: pale, copper, hazy, white foam, full head ; light sweetness, medium bitterness ; Palate: medium to full body, slick feel, average carbonation, bitter, long finish. Overall a very good and complex IPA, though not bitter enough for my own taste, it gives a pretty cool warmth down the throat (and a quick alcohol high too). Above all, this beer smells, tastes and feels like being in a forest. If I close my eyes while drinking it, i can easily imagine smelling the forest soil after a rain, feeling the bark of the trees, and hearing the sounds of the forest. It is a strange thing to say for a beer, and i was the first one to be surprised, but that is what I felt. - Should perfectly fit a mushroom and venaison meal, also.checked  
206Tiny Rebel The Full NelsonTiny_Rebel_The_Full_Nelson.jpgTiny RebelAmerican Pale AlePays de Galles4.805checkedApprouvéechecked882016-11 Aroma: nose of lichee (+) and green apple (++) and white grape (++), then a bit of fresh bread, more grape and some mango ; Appearance: pale amber/orange, hazy, white persistent foam ; light sweetness, medium bitterness, some faint acidity ; Palate: medium body, slick feel, lively carbonation, bitter and sweet finish that lasts for less than a minute. Overall a very good beer, very refreshing and very aromatic. An instant favorite checked  
179Sixpoint ResinSixpoint_Resin.jpgSixpointImperial IPAUSA9.105 Approuvéechecked972016-10  checked  
164Beavertown LupuloidBeavertown_Lupuloid.jpgBeavertownIPAAngleterre6.705 Approuvéechecked98  Très aromatique et assez peu amère. Très bonne.checked  
159Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPAFlying_Monkeys_Smashbomb_Atomic_IPA.jpgFlying MonkeysIPACanada6.005checkedApprouvéechecked96  Aroma: resin, spruce, grapefruit skin ; Appearance: golden, hazy, minimal head ; Taste: Almost no sweetness, very bitter but still reasonable (somewhat) ; Palate: full body, somewhat oily feel, average carbonation, very long finish ; Overall, this beer deserves its name. It is an explosion of hops power, with an overwhelming taste and aroma (and a great amount of it via retro-olfaction too). I would have almost sworn this was a DIPA. It is an understatement to say I like this beer. A shame I can only find it at V&B (which is an expensive place to buy beer)checked  
140BrewDog Punk IPA (5.6%)BrewDog_Punk_IPA_5_6.jpgBrewDogIPAEcosse5.605checkedApprouvéechecked97  Remplace la version 6% Aroma: floral, citrus, lichee, grapefruit ; Appearance: clear golden, minimal head; Taste: medium bitterness ; Palate: light body, thin feel, average carbonation, slightly bitter finish. A good refreshing beer for all occasions, and also a good entry point in the craft beer world. Available in some supermarkets in France (Carrefour and sometimes Casino).checked  
135Gulden DraakGulden_Draak.jpgBrouwerij Van SteenbergeBelgian Strong AleBelgique98.005checkedApprouvéechecked98   checked  
127BrewDog Dead Pony ClubBrewdog_Dead_Pony_Club.jpgBrewDogSession IPAEcosse3.805checkedApprouvéechecked892016-12 Aroma: grapefruit, lemon zest, tropical fruits; Appearance: pale clear copper, minimal white head ; Taste: light sweetness, medium bitterness ; palate: medium body, slick feel, average carbonation, medium-long finish with fruit notes topping the reasonable bitterness. Overall a very good session IPA, I could drink it all year round.checked  
116BGP Nice To Meet You!Nice_To_Meet_You.jpgLes Brasseurs du Grand ParisImperial IPAFrance8.505checkedApprouvéechecked88 5 variétés de houblonRare, Nez d'agrumes très présent, forte amertume agréable et longue en bouche. Bière forte à la fois en gout et en alcool, n'accepte pas facilement de concurrence après elle.checked  
105Magic Rock CannonballMagic_Rock_Cannonball.jpgMagic RockIPAAngleterre7.405checkedApprouvéechecked96  Début : doux avec nez de fruits exotiques et d'orange. Très claires notes de pamplemousse blanc. Amertume importante et agréablement persistante. Fin : relative amertume (peut-être légèrement trop), houblon et zeste de pamplemousse.checked  
87Snake Dog IPASnake_Dog_IPA.jpgFlying DogIPAUSA7.105 Approuvéechecked89  Amertume très prononcée, mais relativement agréablechecked  
51Lancelot XI.ILancelot_XI_I.jpgLancelotBarley WineBretagne11.105checkedApprouvéechecked96 Bière de SamainMillésiméechecked  
50BarbãrBarbar.jpgBrasserie LefèbvreBelgian Strong AleBelgique8.005checkedApprouvéechecked81 MielSaveur épicée et de mielchecked